How do I find my Hitachi serial number?

How do I find my Hitachi serial number? 

This is located on the sticker (rating plate) on the inside right-hand side wall of the refrigerator, near the door seal (refer picture below).

How can I find out the model of my Hitachi TV? 

Your TV model number (along with other information such as serial number) can sometimes be found on the back of the TV on a sticker.

How can I check my Hitachi AC warranty in India? 

Hover over My Hitachi and click on My Sites/Products in the drop-down menu. Select from the list of products where you would like to see the warranties and maintenance.

How do I claim my Hitachi AC warranty? 

If you have any queries/issues with regard to the Hitachi AC you can call the Customer Care Number of Hitachi for registering your complaints, warranty claims and other queries you may have. Call us at: 3532-4848*, 079-30414747 (*Prefix local city/state capital STD code or 079.)

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What is the warranty period for Hitachi AC?

2 Years Air conditioner warranty Manufactured Models of 2018/2019/2020 Scope of Air conditioner warranty
Inverter Models (5 Star) Standard Warranty Applicable for the 1st Year
Warranty extension -2nd Year

How do I contact Hitachi customer service?

For customer care and service support, please call us at 079-7141-4848 (Landline) / 756-788-4848 (Mobile/WhatsApp) or email at [email protected]. We will get back to you shortly.

How do I register my Hitachi product?

Personal Information
  1. First Name*: Last Name*:
  2. Address 1*: Address 2*: Country:
  3. Mobile Number*: **SMS Alerts will be sent to this number. Alternate Number:

Is AC gas leak covered in warranty?

Yes, AC replacements can be covered in your home warranty plan.

What is 5 year comprehensive AC warranty?

5 Year ( 1 + 4 year extended) Warranty on all Split & Window Air conditioners sold to retail individual / house hold customer. All spare parts ( as applicable in standard warranty) during the period of 5 years ,would be replaced free of cost including PCB and Gas Leakage.

Which AC gives 5 year warranty?

Panasonic gives a 5-year warranty on the electronics and a 10 year warranty on the compressor. Samsung gives a 5-year warranty on the condenser and 10-year warranty on the compressor. Samsung comes with an aluminium alloy condenser instead of a copper one.

How long is warranty on AC?

Typically, air conditioning units are covered under warranty for between 12 and 15 years. This means the manufacturer will pay to fix your AC if it stops working during that time.

How do I check my AC warranty?

Most manufacturers allow owners to look up existing air conditioner warranty information on their websites. This is usually done by entering the unit’s serial number, which will recall all warranty coverage associated with the system.

Is the AC covered under warranty?

All major vehicle systems: If you purchase a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty, most parts of your vehicle are covered, including the air conditioning. Powertrain: The engine, transmission, and other key parts of this system are covered.

What voids an AC warranty?

Manufacturers will automatically void your AC warranty if they know that any single component within your system was replaced with an “off-brand” part. So what does “off-brand” mean? Well, it means any part that was made by a company other than the original manufacturer (i.e. Trane, Carrier, etc).Apr 20, 2018

Does AC Soft Start void warranty?

RVers who are concerned that a SoftStartRV installation may void the A/C manufacturer’s warranty for their unit’s compressor motor ask a reasonable question. According to legal experts, your warranty should not be voided.

Will changing thermostat void warranty?

The important information to know is that a new thermostat installation might void your equipment warranty. For many HVAC systems, the warranty is nullified if the thermostat originally installed with it is changed.

How does AC warranty work?

If your HVAC equipment is under two years old and it goes out, it may be covered by BOTH the manufacturer’s limited warranty and your home builder’s HVAC contractors who by law offer a two-year warranty on labor.

What does 10 year parts guarantee mean?

*10 Year Parts Guarantee

Hotpoint appliances carry FREE replacement parts for the first 10 years, provided that they are fitted by our own Service Engineers, at the applicable labour charge, and that your appliance is registered. Unregistered appliances will require evidence of date and place of purchase.

Do warranties cover labor?

Labor – Labor is almost never covered under a manufacturer warranty. Labor is a large component of the cost of most HVAC system repairs.

What is labor warranty?

A labor warranty acts as a safeguard for homeowners who want reassurance that if anything goes wrong with their home improvement project, the contractor will promptly remedy the issue. Whereas a manufacturer’s warranty covers the product being installed, a contractor’s labor warranty covers only the installation work.

What is 90 day labor warranty?

If a laptop has a one-year parts and a 90-day labor warranty it means that the manufacturer will pay all repair costs for the first 90 days that you own the computer, but if something fails between day 91 and day 365 then the manufacturer will provide a replacement part at no charge, but you will have to pay a