How do I fix failed to connect to the server?

How do I fix failed to connect to the server? 

Try these fixes…
  1. Re-add your friend.
  2. Reload your private world.
  3. Disable Windows Firewall.
  4. Update the network drivers.
  5. Change the settings.
  6. Disable antivirus software.
  7. Use a VPN.

What does failed to connect to server mean? 

/Troubleshooting /I receive the error: Failed to connect to server, Please check your connection and firewall settings. This message means that your computer could not communicate properly with our servers or you have a missing component.

How do I connect to a TeamSpeak server? 

Connect to a TeamSpeak Server in 3 simple steps
  1. Try the latest TeamSpeak 3 Client from our Downloads page and install.
  2. Launch the TeamSpeak 3 Client, hit the Connections menu and click Connect.
  3. Enter your server address, choose a nickname, and if required, enter the server password.

What ports need to be open for TeamSpeak server? 

Which ports does the TeamSpeak 3 server use?
Service Protocol Local Port (Server)
Voice UDP 9987
Filetransfer TCP 30033
ServerQuery (raw) TCP 10011
ServerQuery (SSH) TCP 10022

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How do I change my Teamspeak server port?

Following steps do explain how change the ports for Query and Filetransfer (for all operation systems).
  1. Start your server with command line paramter createinifile=1.
  2. Open the ts3server.ini and change the value for query_port= and/or query_ssh_port= and/or filetransfer_port=
  3. Stop your server instance.

How do I change my IP address on Teamspeak 3?

If so, here we go.
  1. Go no-ip and download and install there dynamic update client on any computer that is in your home network.
  2. set up the update client. usually they ask for a user name and password for you hosting account.
  3. go to you router and forward to the INTERNAL ip address of the computer running TS3.

How do I change my TeamSpeak username?

Right click the bookmark and select Edit . There you can just enter the desired nickname and save it by pressing anywhere.