How do I fix moisture detected on note 9?

How do I fix moisture detected on note 9? 

Don’t shake the phone as it may push the moist further in. You may insert a small piece of tissue paper into the port to help absorb the moist. Let the phone sit for 10 minutes or more. Turn the phone on and try charging it – after doing the first two procedures, your Note 9 should already be working fine.Mar 10, 2022

How do you fix moisture detected in charging port? 

  1. Ensure that no moisture is present in your charging port or charging cable, as actual liquid exposure is the most likely cause of this warning.
  2. If you notice or suspect moisture, immediately power the phone off and attempt to dry the area with a small static-free cloth.

How do you fix moisture detected in charging port Samsung? 

If moisture is detected in the USB port, an error message will be displayed and charging will stop. In this case, unplug your device from the charger, then wipe with a dry cloth or gently shake your device (5-10 times) with the port facing downwards to release any excess moisture.

Why does my Samsung Galaxy keep saying moisture detected? 

The moisture detection sensor intelligently stops device charging automatically as soon as it detects moisture in the charging port or the USB cable. If you are getting the “Moisture has been detected” warning, it’s doesn’t mean that your Samsung phone was in direct contact with water.

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How do I permanently disable moisture detected?

10 Answers
  1. Buy a wireless charger and get enough charge on it to atleast be able to get into settings (2-3% would be enough)
  2. GO into settings and into battery usage.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Recent Battery Usage’ and find the app ‘Android System’
  4. Tap on that and then tap on ‘Force Stop’.

Will the moisture notification go away?

It is possible that the update contained a bug which caused the moisture sensors to glitch out and stopped them from working efficiently. … Wet Port: If the charging port of the mobile phone is wet or has retained some moisture the “moisture detected” message will not go away unless you get rid of it.

How do I fix s9 moisture detected?

How do I dry out my phone port?

Here’s how to dry out your phone charging port:
  1. Don’t grab the rice.
  2. Leave your device in a dry area for at least an hour with the charging port facing down.
  3. If you suspect your USB-C or Lightning cable is also wet, store it in a dry place where air can reach it for an hour as well.