How do I fix my WiFi on my Dell laptop Windows 7?

How do I fix my WiFi on my Dell laptop Windows 7? 

Way 2: Configure your network settings
  1. Open Control Panel. Type Control Panel in the search box on your desktop, and click Control Panel in the result.
  2. Open Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Navigate to Change adapter settings.
  4. Enable your WiFi connection.
  5. Or re-enable your WiFi connection.
  6. Restart your Dell laptop.

Why is my Windows 7 laptop not connecting to WiFi? 

Using the Windows 7 Network and Internet Troubleshooter

Click Start , and then type network and sharing in the Search box. Click Network and Sharing Center in the results. Click Troubleshoot problems. The Network and Internet Troubleshooter opens.

Why won’t my laptop connect to WiFi but my phone will? 

So what’s going on? Rebooting your computer might resolve the issue, especially if it has been a while since the last reboot. If that doesn’t do the trick to connect to the WiFi, reset your network adapter. Otherwise, your network adapter might have broken, and replacing it should solve the problem.

Why isn’t my laptop connecting to WiFi? 

Restart your router

Disconnect all the cables from your router, then unplug it. Removing the cables can help clear out any static in the lines, which can impact your connection. Wait at least 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Once your router is on again, wait at least two minutes before trying to connect to Wi-Fi.

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Why won’t my computer connect to Wi-Fi but others will?

There are several reasons why your PC might not be able to connect to Wi-Fi. You should first make sure that your PC’s Wi-Fi adapter hasn’t been turned off, or needs to be reset. The issue might also be with the Wi-Fi, not your PC — make sure that it works on other devices.

How do I fix unable to connect to network?

Ways To Fix Can’t Connect To This Network Windows 10 Error
  1. Method 1: Forget Network.
  2. Method 2: Enable/Disable Airplane Mode.
  3. Method 3: Uninstall Network Adapter Driver.
  4. Method 4: Flush DNS and Renew/Reset IP.
  5. Method 5: Reset Network.
  6. Method 6: Run Network Troubleshooter.
  7. Method 7: Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter.

Why Windows Cannot connect to WiFi?

Windows 10 can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Press Windows + X and click on ‘Device Manager’. Now, right click on network adapter and choose ‘Uninstall’. Click on ‘Delete the driver software for this device’. Reboot the system and Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers.

Why won’t my computer find my WiFi?

Make sure your computer/device is still in the range of your router/modem. Move it closer if it is currently too far away. Go to Advanced > Wireless > Wireless Settings, and check the wireless settings. Double check your Wireless Network Name and SSID is not hided.

How do I connect Windows 7 to wireless network?

Set Up Wi-Fi Connection – Windows 7
  1. Open Connect to a network. From the system tray (located next to the clock), click the. Wireless network icon. .
  2. Click the preferred wireless network. Wireless networks will not be available without a module installed.
  3. Click. Connect. .
  4. Enter the Security key then click. OK. .

How do I enable wireless on Windows 7?

Windows 7
  1. Go to the Start Menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Click the Network and Internet category and then select Networking and Sharing Center.
  3. From the options on the left-hand side, select Change adapter settings.
  4. Right-click on the icon for Wireless Connection and click enable.

How do I fix no connection available in Windows 7?

Does Windows 7 support Wi-Fi?

Windows 7 has built-in software support for W-Fi. If your computer has a built-in wireless network adapter (all laptops and some desktops do), it should work right out of the box. If it doesn’t work right away, look for a switch on the computer case that turns Wi-Fi on and off.

How do you turn on Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop?

Click Start. In the search box, type Mobility Center. Click Windows Mobility Center, in the search results. Click Turn wireless off or Turn wireless on as needed.

Why won’t my WiFi turn on my Dell laptop?

Press Windows + R then type “devmgmt. msc” in the Run box. 2. Once Device Manager is open expand “Network Adapter” then right click on the wireless network adapter then select “Enable” if it’s clickable.

How do I connect my Dell computer to WiFi?

Begin by going to your Windows taskbar, and click the Network icon. You should now be able to select your WiFi Network from the list of networks. Locate and select the name of your network, and click Connect. Enter in your Network Password, and click any follow-up confirmations to connect.

Which function key turns on WiFi on Dell laptop?

You can turn on Wi-Fi on Dell laptops using the Fn and function keys. Locate the Fn button on your keyboard near the Ctrl button, and locate the Wi-Fi button on the top action keys. Then press and hold the Fn button and the button with a Wi-Fi icon (F2) to turn on the Wi-Fi on your Dell laptop.

How do I turn on my WiFi if my function key is not working?

Method 1
  1. Press Windows key + X.
  2. Select Control panel from the list.
  3. Click on Network and sharing Center.
  4. Click on Change adapter settings on the left side.
  5. Right click on wireless adapter and select enable.

What is the shortcut key to open WiFi in Windows 7?

Method One – Fn+F5

Or press Win+X on the keyboard to open Windows Mobility Center, and click Turn wireless on.

Why is Fn F2 not working?

Under the “Keyboard” tab, check or uncheck the “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” according to your preferences. If it is checked, the default features (Brightness, Expose, Volume, etc.) will only work if you simultaneously hold down the “Fn” key.

Where is Fn Lock key?

The Fn lock key is represented by a lock symbol and located under the Esc (Escape) key on most standard keyboards.

What can I use instead of Fn key?

F12 keys. Voila! You can now use the functions keys without pressing the Fn key.