How do I fix Spotify on Windows 10?

How do I fix Spotify on Windows 10? 

Check out the following easy instructions to fix Spotify on your Windows 10 and Mac if the application refuses to launch.
  1. Restart your device.
  2. Run the Spotify app as admin.
  3. Restart Spotify.
  4. Run Spotify in compatibility mode.
  5. Update the Spotify app on Windows 10.
  6. Check for system updates.
  7. Repair the Spotify app on Windows 10.

Why is my Spotify sound glitching? 

It happens that when you’re playing a corrupted Spotify cache file, the song will become choppy. To clean the Spotify Cache, go to Settings > Storage > Delete cache. Then restart the app after deleting the cache.

Why is my Spotify crackling PC? 

Reinstall the Spotify App

If you have tried clear cache and restart Spotify, but the crackling issue still exists, you can now delete the app and install with the latest Spotify app. After the reinstallation, you’ll need to retype your account credentials.

Why is my Spotify glitching on laptop? 

Make sure you’re running the latest graphic card drivers available. In the Spotify app Settings, go to Compatibility and try switching Hardware Acceleration on/off. If those have no effect, run a clean reinstall of the app, following this Guide.