How do I get Excel to stop rounding?

How do I get Excel to stop rounding? 

If you have a lot of numbers that have been rounded, or to prevent numbers from appearing as rounded at all, you can increase the decimal places of a number format and then apply it to the numbers in your worksheet. On the Home tab, in the Number group, click the Number Format dropdown > More Number Formats.

Why is my Excel cell rounding up? 

This is happening because of the number format of the cells in which you have the numbers. And to stop Excel from rounding these numbers, change the cell format so that it can show more numbers than what it’s showing currently.

How do I stop my sheets from rounding? 

There are two ways to stop Google Sheets from rounding:
  1. Select the range of cells you want to stop rounding and click the Increase decimal places button in the tool meu until you get to the desired amount of decimal places.
  2. Use the TRUNC function with the following syntax TRUNC(value, [places]).

How do I stop Excel from rounding up on Mac?