How do I know what ellipsis tablet I have?

How do I know what ellipsis tablet I have? 

Verizon Ellipsis 7 – View Device ID
  1. From a Home screen, select. Apps. . The center icon at the bottom (in portrait) or at the right (in landscape).
  2. From the Apps tab, select. Settings. .
  3. Select. About tablet. .
  4. Select. Status. .
  5. Locate the IMEI.

How do you reset a Verizon tablet if you forgot the password? 

  1. Ensure the device is powered off.
  2. Press and hold the. Volume Up button. .
  3. While continuing to hold volume up, press and hold the. Power button.
  4. From the Android system recovery screen, select. wipe data/factory reset.
  5. Select. Yes — delete all user data.
  6. Select. reboot system now.

How do I soft reset my ellipsis tablet? 

Alternate Method
  1. Press and hold the. Power button. (right edge) until the device power cycles (approximately 20 seconds) then release.
  2. Allow several seconds for the reboot process to complete. If your device won’t power back on, partially charge the device then retry.

How do I delete apps on my ellipsis 8? 

Verizon Ellipsis 8 – Uninstall Apps
  1. Apps icon. Settings. Application manager. .
  2. From the Downloaded tab, tap an app.
  3. Tap. Uninstall. or. Uninstall updates. .
  4. Tap. OK. .