How do I make delete button work?

How do I make delete button work? 

Why is my delete button on my Mac not working? 

If the delete key is not working like that in ANY application (Word, Pages, Textedit, etc), it’s possibly a problem with that key – I would call Applecare or visit an Apple Store. No, delete by itself should definitely work as a delete key, provided you want to delete backwards.

Why is Backspace and Delete not working? 

Because a corrupted, wrong or missing keyboard driver could make your backspace key not function. You can download the latest keyboard driver from your keyboard manufacturer’s website or from your computer manufacturer’s website.

Why does my delete button not work Iphone? 

You could go to Settings > General > Keyboard and remove it from the list, then reinstall it. See if that works. You could also try a third-party keyboard.