How do I make my Alienware keyboard light up?

How do I make my Alienware keyboard light up? 

Keyboard- backlight adjustment Press FN + F5 Press FN + F6 FN + F5 decreases the keyboard-backlight intensity. FN + F6 increases the keyboard-backlight intensity.

Can you change Alienware laptop keyboard color? 

It’s actually easy. Find the Alienware command center program. You can change the backlight and underglow in the FX section of the app. That’s it!

How do I turn on the lights on my Alienware laptop? 

Follow the steps below to fix the issue:
  1. Open the Alienware Command Center.
  2. Go to the FX tab.
  3. Click Lighting and then choose your laptop model (e.g., Alienware 17 R5)
  4. Click All Zones then choose Static Default Blue from the effects drop-down list.
  5. Click Save Theme and restart your computer.

How do I turn off my Alienware Aurora Lights? 

  1. Open- Alienware AlienFX.
  2. Click- My Themes.
  3. Select- Basic-> Blackout.
  4. Go to sleep without a little light keeping you awake.
  5. Click Quick change under Go Light/Go Dark to change to a recent color scheme you have had activated, added, or created at your leisure.

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How do I enable AlienFX?

Right-click on the AlienFX icon in the Windows notification area and select ‘Enable Alienware AlienFX’. – Shut down your computer and power it back on.

Can you change Alienware light color?

Yup. You can change it to various colors from the Alienware Command Center app.

Why is my Alienware blinking red?

Off – Computer is in hibernation, or turned off. The power and battery-status light blinks red and blue along with beep codes indicating failures.


Diagnostic light codes Problem description
3,3 Recovery image not found
3,4 Recovery image found but invalid
3,5 Power-rail failure
3,6 System BIOS Flash incomplete

What is AlienFX lighting?

Alienware AlienFX is a set of plug-ins for Alienware computer systems, now a part of Dell. The program is designed especially for gamers who enjoy immersive gaming, providing the ability to customize lighting effects that are activated by action on the screen.

Why are my Alienware lights not working?

Turn off the computer. Unplug the power cable and battery (for laptops) Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds (the computer is not expected to turn ON) Reconnect the power cable.

How do I change the RGB on my Alienware laptop?

How do I turn on my Alienware r12 lights?

Step 1: Launch Alienware Command Center from the Windows Start Menu. Step 2: Wait until AWCC completes the service initialization and guides you to the Home screen. Step 3: Tap FX on the top menu to enter Theme section. Here you will see the LED control section.

Why is Alienware flashing yellow?

Basically it’s a problem with your CMOS, all you have to do is disconnect the CMOS battery from under the motherboard and leave it disconnected for 5-10mins.

Why is Alienware FX not working?

This might have been caused due to a problem with the hardware or the software. Try these solutions to correct the issue, in the following order: – Try to enable AlienFX Controller again. Right-click on the AlienFX icon in the Windows notification area and select ‘Enable Alienware AlienFX’.

Why is my Alienware Command Center not working?

The Alienware Command Center may fail to operate if your system’s BIOS is not updated to the latest build that may lead to compatibility issues between the system modules. In this scenario, updating the BIOS of your system to the latest build may solve the problem.

How do I get Alienware command center back?

Click support Dell’s website, select Support – View all technical support. Select from all products on the technical support page – select model Click to enter. Select drivers and download categories Select applications. Find Alienware Command Center click download.

What is Alienware Command Centre?

The Alienware Command Center is an exclusive software that has designed to control features of your Alienware Computer and some G Series Systems including AlienFX, Alien Touch, Alien Fusion, and more as well as links for the Alienware Command Center Download.

Should I remove Alienware Command Center?

One of the things Alienware users tend to get rid of is the Command Center. Some of them had issues with their PC or laptop because of it. So uninstalling the Alienware Command Center became the best solution to avoid such problems that occurred or might occur again in the future.

How do I restore my Alienware laptop to factory settings?

Be sure you have backed up your files before beginning this task.
  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Reset this PC (System Setting).
  3. Under Advanced Startup, select Restart now.
  4. At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
  5. Select Factory Image Restore.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.

Why won’t my Dell turn on?

If your Dell computer does not turn on or boot into the operating system, it is recommended that you first perform a hard reset. Performing a hard reset fixes many problems and also drains residual power that may be causing the problem.

Is there a reset button on my Dell laptop?

The Inspiron™ 5523 and XPS 15z has an option of a reset button. The reset button can be used in scenarios such as if the computer stops responding up or does not respond. Since the battery on this computer is internal and not easily removed, it is difficult to release power from the computer.

How do I reformat my Alienware computer?

Press the right arrow key on your BIOS screen until you can highlight the menu on it. Then follow through by pressing the down arrow until you can highlight either the restore defaults or load optimal defaults option. Press enter to select yes to the load optimized defaults or the load optimal defaults option.