How do I move a Winamp window?

How do I move a Winamp window? 

Delete it, restart you Winamp and the configuration will be reset. Show activity on this post. For any window out of screen, in the taskbar, hover the mouse on the program icon, it should show a thumbnail. Right click the thumbnail and choose move, then hit one of the 4 arrow keys.

How do I reset Winamp? 

Just click the on/off button in the equalizer. The hotkey to turn it off is ‘O’. But I beleive if you want to reset all the settings, go to C:/Program Files/Winamp/ and delete the file winamp.

How do I increase the size of Winamp? 

Depending on the modern skin, you can click and drag on the lower right hand corner to enlarge skin. Otherwise, Ctrl+’Right Click’ on a empty space and select Scaling. Scaling lets you change the overall size of Winamp, instead of just increasing the window’s dimensions.

How do I disable Winamp browser? 

I solved that annoying prob by my own just go to Options> Notifications> & UnMark: open now playing on click.