How do I open move to iOS on iPhone after setup?

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Go to the “Apps & Data screen”. Then click on “Move Data from Android”. However, if your setup is already finished, you will need to erase the data on your iOS device and do it all over again. If you do not wish to start again, you can transfer your data manually.

Can you use Move to iOS after initial setup?

No, you can not. The process is required to be at a specific point in order to be able to use the “Move to iOS” app. If your iOS device has been already set up, you will need to start again or transfer your data manually.

What happens if Move to iOS is interrupted?

If you have for example Wi-Fi connectivity issues, the app will be interrupted and it will not work properly, thus you won’t be able to transfer the data.

Why is Move to iOS not working?

You can try few simple methods to fix problems with the “Move to iOS” app.

1. Restart both the iOS and the Android device
2. Check for network connection or issues on both devices
3. Switch on and off your WiFi on both devices
4. Try using mobile data to solve the “Move to iOS could not communicate with device” issue

Warning: You might be charged by your network for using mobile data

How do I get to setup wizard on iPhone?

You will need to start over. Go to “Settings” then “General” then “Reset” and finally you will erase all content and settings and you will get back to your setup screen. Be sure to backup your iTunes on your old device so you can restore it later on.

Does Move to iOS work without WiFi?

The short answer is NO. The app needs WiFi or mobile data to connect your Android device to your iOS device and transfer the data.

Does Move to iOS use mobile data?

You can use mobile data instead of using WiFi, however your network might charge you money for using your mobile data. It is better to use WiFi.

Does Move to iOS take a long time?

It entirely depends on the amount of data you want to transfer from your old device to your new device.