How do I pair my Bose remote to Comcast?

How do I pair my Bose remote to Comcast? 

By holding the ‘xfinity’ and ‘mute’ buttons until the LED turns green, I can control the TV with code 11756 (not any of the other suggested TCL codes), then when prompted to pair the Bose soundbar, I can use either codes 31933 or 33708 to successfully control the volume, however the XR15 will no longer control the TV.

How do I program my Bose remote to my cable box? 

To program your remote:
  1. In the Bose Music app, tap the Settings icon. in the upper-right corner. Tip: If the a different product is shown, tap the My Bose icon.
  2. In the Universal Remote section: Select TV to program the system to control your TV.

How do I program my Comcast remote to my Bose Cinemate? 

Can Comcast remote control Bose Soundbar? 

So, can you program any Xfinity remote to a Soundbar? Yes, all Xfinity remotes can be programmed to your Soundbar or another type of audio/video receiver.

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How do I sync my Bose Solo 5 remote to Comcast?

Programming an Xfinity X1 Remote to Your Soundbar
  1. Make the Soundbar the Receiver Output.
  2. Press the Setup Button on Your Xfinity X1 Remote.
  3. Wait Until the LED Light at the Top Turns Green.
  4. Enter the Soundbar’s Manufacturer Code.
  5. Wait for the Led Light to Flash Twice (in Green)
  6. Test the Remote.

What is my soundbar code?

Press and hold “TV” + “LC” until solid, then enter code (see below).

Soundbars: Setup and Code List.

Brand code
B&W 0166
BOSE 0156
CAV 0696

What is the code for Bose soundbar?

In the battery compartment, find the part number, which begins with 714543– and is followed by four numbers. If you need the code booklet, search for and select your product at, then click the Downloads tab.

How do I program universal remote for soundbar?

What is this? Point your universal remote at the soundbar you want to pair to. Press the Setup button on your universal remote until the light on the remote flashes (this step will vary depending on the brand), or press the AUX and OK buttons simultaneously, then press the channel up button.

How do I pair my xr15 remote to my soundbar?

Press and hold Xfinity and Mute buttons together for 5 seconds until the LED turns GREEN. Using the digit keys on the remote, enter the code shown in the CodeFinder tool found on this page. Test the remote to confirm that it controls your audio device volume functions as expected.

How do I sync my Comcast remote to my soundbar?

If it has a Setup button:
  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Press and hold Setup until the light at the top of the remote changes from red to green.
  3. Enter 9-9-1. The light should flash green twice.
  4. Keep pressing CH ^ until the TV turns off.
  5. Once the TV turns off, press Setup to lock in the code.
  6. Press the TV power button on the remote.

How do I connect my soundbar to my Xfinity box?

Connect the sound bar HDMI out to a TV port that you know works when the X1 box is connected directly. Alternatively, connect the X1 box to the TV, and use digital optical out to the sound bar.

What are the codes for Xfinity remote?

Popular xfinity remote codes
  • LG 10178, 11265.
  • Panasonic 10051, 10250.
  • Samsung 10812, 10060.
  • Sanyo 10154, 10159.
  • Sony 10000, 11100.
  • Sharp 10093, 10165.
  • Toshiba 10156, 11156.
  • Vizio 11758, 11756.

What is the 4 digit code for Xfinity?

To pair your XR5 remote to TV

Input the four-digit or five-digit code corresponding to your TV. These codes vary from one manufacturer to another. Some of the codes are : 10178, 11756, 11178, 11265, 11637, 11993, 11934, 11530, 10856, 10700, 10442, 10017, 12271, 11314, 11032, 11758, 10032, 11454, 12253, 12246, 12731.

How do I program my Comcast remote without a code?

What is the 4 digit code for my TV?

4 Digit Universal Remote Codes
TV Brand 4 Digit Remote Codes
Altice USA 1111, 0821, 0001
SKY 0037, 0282, 0556
ZENITH 0121, 0009, 0091
RCA 0031, 0004, 0100

How do I find my universal remote code?

Universal Remote Codes
  1. Locate the model and code list version sticker by opening the battery compartment and removing the batteries.
  2. Identify the code list version.
  3. Access the remote codes for your version.
  4. Press and hold down the SETUP button until the remote’s red light turns on.

How do I connect my remote to my TV?

How do I get my remote to work on my TV?

Here is an example of likely steps:
  1. Turn on your TV or another device you wish to control.
  2. Press and release the DEVICE button on your remote associated with the product you want to control (TV, etc.).
  3. Press the Device Button again, as well as the POWER button at the same time.
  4. Release both buttons.

How do I program a Comcast remote?

Press and hold the xfinity and Info buttons for five seconds. Wait for the Voice Remote light to change from red to green. Follow the instructions by entering the three-digit, on-screen pairing code. Once the on-screen pairing code is correctly entered, your Voice Remote is paired with the TV Box.

Are all remotes universal?

They’re not brand specific, so you can program universal remote controls and use them with any device model from almost every electronics manufacturer. Most universal remotes work with multiple devices, so they can control your TV, cable box, and other peripherals such as DVD players and streaming devices.

How do you program a remote control?