How do I pin a Google email?

How do I pin a Google email? 

In the Gmail web interface ( go to Settings->Inbox, and select your desired inbox format. miss this option also in gmail. In outlook you can pin mails to the top of your mailbox.Apr 10, 2019

How do I pin an email to the top? 

Note: To pin a message or see pinned messages, your inbox must be sorted by date.

Select Filter at the top of the message list to change how your inbox is sorted.

  1. In the message list, hover over the message to see the pin option.
  2. Select. to keep the message at the top of your inbox.
  3. Select. to unpin the message.

How do I pin Gmail to top of inbox? 

Once there, click on the gear icon near the top left corner. In the resulting Quick Settings menu, scroll down to the Inbox Type section (Figure A). The Inbox Type section of the Gmail Quick Settings popup. From that popup, select Starred first and all of your starred emails will bubble up to the top of your inbox.

How do I pin something to the left bar in Gmail? 

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Where is the left navigation panel in Gmail?

If you don’t see the left navigation panel:
  1. Hover over. (the toggle button) that appears just below the account navigation bar.
  2. Click. (the toggle button) that appears in the upper left corner.

Where is the menu bar in Gmail?

Menu List: Located across the top of the window, this is where you access the different applications such as Calendar, Documents, etc. Account Settings Menu: Click here to sign out. Application Settings Menu: Access settings for each of the Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Documents, etc.)

What happened to the toolbar in Gmail?

Chosen solution

Since the beginning of Windows pressing the alt key makes the Menu Bar appear if it is hidden. From the Menu Bar select View-Toolbars and turn the missing toolbars back on. You have to be in the window where the toolbars normally reside.

How do I change the side panel in Gmail?

How to change your inbox layout:
  1. Click on the cog icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. A “Quick settings” sidebar will open on the right side of your inbox, which will allow you to adjust some settings. For example, you can adjust display density, which controls how compact your messages appear.
Feb 10, 2022