How do I remove the bell with a line through it on my iPhone?

How do I remove the bell with a line through it on my iPhone? 

Question: Q: bell with a line through it on messaging

How can I remove a bell with a line through it in messaging a contact from a i-phone10 XR? Answer: A: Answer: A: Slide that contact to the left in the Message app and tap the bell-shaped icon.

What does the bell with line through it mean on messages? 

notifications are on
Answer. The bell with the slash means notifications are on.

How do you unmute text messages on iPhone? 

Muting a conversation disables notifications from specific conversations.
  1. From a Home screen, tap the. Message+ app. . To locate the app it may be necessary to swipe left or right on the Home screen.
  2. Tap a conversation.
  3. Tap the. Menu icon. (upper-right).
  4. Tap ‘Mute’ or ‘Unmute’.

How do you Unsilence someone’s text messages? 

In the message list, swipe left on the conversation you want to mute. Tap the crossed out bell icon. You should now see a crescent moon icon next to the conversation you just muted.

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Can you silence texts from one person?

Here’s how to turn off text message notifications for a contact in the Messages app: Open the Messages app and tap to open the contact you want to mute. Tap on the contact’s icon at the top of the screen. Turn on the toggle for Hide Alerts.

Why is my iPhone not notifying me when I get a text?

Make sure you have selected a tone for the incoming text messages. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and go to the “Sound & Haptics” section. Then scroll down to “Sounds and Vibration Patterns” section to find the “Text Tone” option. If it shows None/Vibrate Only, tap on it and select an alert tone.

Why is my phone not telling me when I have a text?

Check Notification Settings for Messages

Open Settings and tap Notifications > Messages. Ensure Allow Notifications is green. Next, check the boxes for Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners. Tap Sounds and choose a loud message tone.

Why are my notifications silenced?

First off, check if the Focus mode is enabled. Depending on select settings, the Focus mode will block notifications from some apps, or even altogether. Just go to the Control Center, and make sure the Focus mode (half-moon icon) is disabled.

Why is my iPhone 12 not making a sound when I get a text?

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Check the Ringer and Alerts slider. Try changing the sound pattern for the type of alert. Go to Settings > Notifications.

Why does sound sometimes not work on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds & Haptics), and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider back and forth a few times. If you don’t hear any sound, or if your speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is dimmed, your speaker might need service.

How do I get my iPhone to notify me when I get a text?

Manage notifications for messages
  1. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages.
  2. Choose options, including the following: Turn Allow Notifications on or off. Set the position and locations of message notifications. Choose the alert sound for message notifications. Choose when message previews should appear.

Why is my iPhone 13 not making a sound when I get a text?

If you’re receiving notifications on your iPhone 13, but it doesn’t play a noise when you receive notifications, check Silent Mode. Look at the switch on the left side of your phone. If the switch is pushed away from your screen and showing an orange color strip, you have Silent Mode on. Flip the switch to turn it off.

How do I get sound when I receive a text?

Check your notification settings for your messaging app. Verify that there is a sound selected. If all is well there, check your do not disturb settings.

How do I turn up the text volume on my iPhone?

  1. Tap the “Settings” app in the iPhone home screen.
  2. Tap “Sounds” in the settings menu.
  3. Scroll to the “Ringer and Alerts” section, which covers the ringer and message alert sounds.
  4. Drag the volume slider to the right to raise the volume. Drag it to the left to lower the volume.

How do I make my text notifications louder?

How do I separate ring and notification volume?

The ringtone and notification sound volume can’t be adjust separately as the Android operating system uses a single volume control for both. If you’ve increased the ringtone volume and the notification sound seems too loud for you, consider muting the notification sound.

How do I turn the ring doorbell volume down on my iPhone?

You can adjust the Ring doorbell volume by going to your Ring app > Devices. Choose your doorbell type (Chime or Chime Pro) and click on Chime Tones. From here, you can adjust the volume by swiping the slider.

How do you separate volume controls on iPhone?

You can separate your system sound from your notification/ringer sound under Settings -> Sounds & Haptics. Under Ringers and Alerts, toggle off “Change with Buttons.” Now you will be able to turn up/down volume on your music, movies and other media without affecting the ringer/notification volume.

What’s the difference between call volume and Ring volume?

Turn your volume up or down

Call volume: Volume of the other person during a call. Ring volume: Phone calls, notifications.

How can I increase my phone volume?

Check these tricks to enhance the speaker’s sound.

Make Speaker Sound Louder on Android Phone

  1. Adjust the orientation of your smartphone.
  2. Using Equalizer to make speaker sound louder.
  3. Use a third-party application to make speaker sound louder.
  4. Brush the Dirt and Increase the volume.

How do I turn up the volume on my incoming calls?

Here are some steps: navigate to settings, tap sounds and vibrations, tap volume, move the media slide over to the right to increase the volume.