How do I reset my Roku sound bar?

How do I reset my Roku sound bar? 

Factory reset from the Settings menu
  1. Press Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll to select Settings.
  3. Select Remotes & devices to open the Remotes & devices menu.
  4. Select Audio devices.
  5. Look for Wireless speaker, Wireless soundbar, or Subwoofer and select the device to reset.

How do I get my soundbar to work on my Roku? 

Connect a single HDMI cable from your soundbar to the HDMI ARC (or HDMI eARC) port on your Roku TV, and make sure both devices are powered on. When your Roku TV detects the soundbar, it will automatically initiate the setup process. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to finish setting up the connection.

Why won’t my Roku TV find my soundbar? 

Now that the devices have been paired to the same WiFi network, it is time to enable the Soundbar as a recognized device on your Roku TV. To do this, go to Settings and find “Control Other Devices”. Here, you will add the Soundbar so that it is recognized by your TV.

Why is my sound bar not working? 

Make sure that the setting for Control for HDMI or BRAVIA Sync of your TV and audio device is set to ON. Make sure that the ARC feature of your audio device is set to ON or AUTO. Make sure that your audio device is set to the TV input. Change the TV audio output setting to PCM and check whether the sound is output.

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Why is my Roku speakers not connecting?

Manually enter pairing menu: If the instructions recited by your speakers are not working, try putting your Roku host device in pairing mode from the settings menu. Go to Settings > Remotes & devices > Set up a new device > Wireless speakers.

Why is my Roku losing sound?

Check the volume level and mute settings on your television. Make sure mute is OFF and that the volume setting is at an appropriately audible level. If you need help, check the documentation for your TV manufacturer. If you are using a composite cable, check that the audio connectors are snugly attached at both ends.

How do I reset the sound on my Roku remote?

To run the setup again, follow these steps:
  1. Turn on the Roku device.
  2. From the main home page, go to Settings.
  3. Select “Remotes & Devices”.
  4. Click on “Remotes”.
  5. Go to “Gaming Remote”.
  6. Select “Set Up Remote for TV Control”.

How do I get my Roku remote to control the volume on my soundbar?

If you have a Roku TV follow these instructions to control your soundbar with a Roku remote:
  1. Fire up your TV, open the Roku interface, and head to Home > Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Audio.
  3. Go to Audio Preferences > Audio Mode.
  4. Select Auto (DTS).
  5. Return to the Audio menu and head to S/PDIF.
  6. Set it to Auto-detect.

How do I pair the volume on my Roku remote?

How to set up your voice remote AFTER initial setup and activation
  1. Press Home on your Roku voice remote.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Select Remotes & devices.
  4. Select Remote.
  5. Choose your voice remote from the list and select Set up remote for TV control.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

How do I change audio settings on Roku?

Does Roku have audio settings?

Whether listening to your favorite musician, watching a blockbuster movie late at night, or playing an online game with friends, you can access sound settings right from the screen on your Roku TV and seamlessly adjust the manufacturer sound mode – all without needing to get up and press a button on the soundbar, or

How do I turn on Roku speakers?

Does Roku have volume control?

Using the physical remote is the easiest way to manipulate the volume on your Roku device. Press the Volume Up button to increase the volume. Press the Volume Down button to decrease the volume. Optional – Press the Mute button to mute or unmute the TV.

How do I connect my soundbar to my Roku Ultra?

Connecting to an AVR or soundbar using optical for audio
  1. Connect the end of the HDMI cable that is not attached to your Roku player to an available HDMI input on your TV.
  2. Connect an optical cable to the optical output on your Roku player. Connect the opposite end to an optical (or S/PDIF) input on your AVR or soundbar.

How do I connect a wireless soundbar to my Roku?

How to pair your wireless soundbar
  1. Make sure your Roku TV is powered on.
  2. Press and hold Home on your Roku TV remote for 5 seconds.
  3. Select Wireless Soundbar. Tip: You can also put your Roku TV into pairing mode by selecting Settings > Remotes & devices > Set up a new device.

What cable do I need for HDMI-ARC?

To connect your TV with an ARC enabled speaker, make sure that you are using an HDMI cable 1.4 or higher. The HDMI-ARC functionality is only available through the specific port on the TV or One Connect Box, and the external speakers need to be compatible.

How do I connect a Bluetooth soundbar to my Roku?

Does Roku soundbar have Bluetooth?

The Roku includes Bluetooth as well as compatibility with Spotify Connect if you use the Spotify app. Since the bar lacks buttons you’ll need to navigate to the Bluetooth tile on the TV to pair your device, although once a device is paired you can stream via Bluetooth with the TV off.

Will any Bluetooth soundbar work with Roku TV?

Re: Bluetooth soundbar connect to Roku TV

@DanStout Thanks for the question. That isn’t currently a supported feature. You’d need to connect an A/V receiver, speaker or soundbar to your TV via an HDMI or optical (S/PDIF) cable.

Can you connect Roku TV to Bluetooth speaker?

Pairing Bluetooth devices to your Roku TV is only supported if you are using the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, or the Roku Smart Soundbar in combination with your TV. You cannot pair Bluetooth devices to your TV on its own—this functionality is not supported.

How do I know if my Roku TV has Bluetooth?

How to pair your Bluetooth device
  1. Press Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Select Remotes & devices.
  4. Select Pair Bluetooth device.
  5. When you see the Bluetooth pairing screen, go to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and use the next several steps to complete the pairing process.