How do I stop Dell Support Assistant from popping up?

How do I stop Dell Support Assistant from popping up? 

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  1. Right-click the Windows button > Select Run.
  2. Type in “msconfig” without the quotes, then click OK.
  3. On the General tab, select Selective Startup.
  4. On the Services tab, click “Hide all Microsoft services”.
  5. Click “Disable all”.
  6. On the Startup tab, click “Open Task Manager”.
  7. Disable all startup items.

Is Dell SupportAssist a virus? 

The SupportAssist flaw is not malware, but it allows malware to spread in a new way.

Should I delete Dell Support Assist? 

Your new Windows laptop typically ships with an awful lot of bloatware you don’t need. Often, it’ll just slow down your computer a tad. But occasionally, a pre-installed piece of manufacturer cruft can pose a serious security risk — and that’s why you should probably update or uninstall Dell’s SupportAssist right away.

What is Dell SupportAssist and do I need it? 

​Dell SupportAssist is the first automated proactive and predictive support solution for PCs and tablets. SupportAssist also evaluates the health of your servers, storage and networking devices to eliminate downtime before it even starts.

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What will happens if I uninstall Dell Support Assist?

Yes, it is safe to uninstall it. All it is supposed to do is link you directly to Dell’s website and forward your system configuration and Dell service tag info to them, so that the information they present to you is for your pc only.

Does Windows 10 need Dell update?

Dell updates are not necessary to the good running of your PC, so if you wish to stop those for 4 months, there should be no problem . . . Windows 10 would let you know if you needed a BIOS update and you could then go to the Dell support website to download the necessary BIOS update and install that manually . . .

Do I really need Dell update?

Dell develops drivers so that the operating system on your Dell PC can work with your Dell devices and applications. This ensures that your device optimized and up-to-date. Dell releases updated drivers frequently to ensure that your PC the latest security patches, fixes, and functionality available.

Is it safe to update drivers from Dell?

Dell releases updated drivers regularly to ensure that the Dell computer has the latest security patches, fixes, and functionality. Updating the drivers is a preventive measure to protect the computer and ensure that the hardware devices work correctly.

Can I uninstall Dell update for Windows?

You can also uninstall Dell Update using the following steps: Open Windows Settings. Select System, and then click Apps and Features. Select Dell Update for Windows, and then click Uninstall.

How do I uninstall Dell SupportAssist Update?

1. SupportAssist Installation
  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to the Get Started.
  3. In Managing Personal Devices, click Download SupportAssist for PCs and Tablets.
  4. A pop-up is displayed.
  5. Click Run.
  6. SupportAssist is installed.
  7. Press the Windows logo key and open the SupportAssist application.

What should I uninstall on my Dell Windows 10?

What is Dell SupportAssist remediation?

The Support Assist remediation is a helpful tool that scans the system for any issues and automatically creates a support ticket to notify Dell for a resolution. This tool automatically scans the system each time you boot and this is normal.Jun 20, 2019

Can I delete Dell Saremediation folder?

For Dell, you can uninstall Support Assist and that will delete the folder. I checked my own Program Data folder and it is only 10 GB in total, so nothing that big. Here is a Dell thread for that file. I found the program “Dell Support Assist Remediation” in the Windows (Settings > Apps) and uninstalled it.

What is Dell SupportAssist Update plugin?

The Dell Update – SupportAssist Update Plugin works in conjunction with the Dell Update application to keep your systems recovery environment up to date with the latest version of SupportAssist OS Recovery.

Can I uninstall Dell SupportAssist OS recovery plugin?

You can uninstall Dell Update – SupportAssist Update Plugin from your computer by using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Window’s Control Panel.

How do I update Dell Support Assistant?

  1. Click the download file link.
  2. Double-click the .exe file downloaded from the Dell support site.
  3. Click install on the Dell Update Package.
  4. Install will commence.
  5. Click the close button on the Dell Update Package.
  6. Restart your system.

What is the latest BIOS version for Dell?

Customer reports shared on social media platforms, including Dell’s official community website [1, 2] and Reddit [1, 2], warn that the latest BIOS version (version 1.14. 3 for Latitude laptops, 2.8.

Is it safe to update Dell BIOS?

Dell recommends updating the BIOS as part of your scheduled update cycle. BIOS updates can often fix problems, add features, or both to the BIOS.

Does Dell automatically update BIOS?

Dell told ZDNet (opens in new tab) that the BIOS firmware updates would be automatically installed as long as users had auto-updates turned on.

How do I disable Dell BIOS update?

If you go to BIOS setup -> security -> UEFI capsule firmware updates -> disable it will block this.

What is UEFI capsule update?

Windows supports a platform for installing system and device firmware updates via driver packages that are processed by using the UEFI UpdateCapsule function. This platform provides a consistent, reliable firmware update experience, and it improves the discoverability of important system firmware updates for end-users.