How do I turn on the keyboard lights on my Alienware?

How do I turn on the keyboard lights on my Alienware? 

Keyboard- backlight adjustment Press FN + F5 Press FN + F6 FN + F5 decreases the keyboard-backlight intensity. FN + F6 increases the keyboard-backlight intensity.

How do I turn AlienFX back on? 

Right-click on the AlienFX icon in the Windows notification area and select ‘Enable Alienware AlienFX’. – Shut down your computer and power it back on.

How do I control RGB on my Alienware laptop? 

How do I change the color of my Alienware keyboard 2021? 

Find the Alienware command center program. You can change the backlight and underglow in the FX section of the app. That’s it!

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How do I change the light on my alienware?

Go to and choose support. Input the service tag number and download Command Centre and install it, which will let you change the lighting options.

How do I make my alienware keyboard rainbow?

What is Alienware FX?

AlienFX lets you choose from an array of color and transition effects across multiple distinct zones on your computer and Alienware devices.

How do I install Alienware Command Center themes?

Apply system theme
  1. From the SYSTEM section in the HOME window, select ACTIVE SYSTEM THEME from the drop-down list. You can click one of the following options:
  2. Click. to edit the existing system theme.
  3. In the FX Control Panel, change the required lighting, macro settings, and device settings.
  4. Click SAVE THEME.

How do I update my Alienware Command Center?

Select drivers and download categories Select applications. Find Alienware Command Center click download. Select double-click to open after download. Click INSTALL.

Why is Alienware Command Center not working?

The Alienware Command Center may fail to work if the . NET installation of your system is corrupt. So, in this situation, you can choose to repair . NET installation.

Is it okay to uninstall Alienware Command Center?

One of the things Alienware users tend to get rid of is the Command Center. Some of them had issues with their PC or laptop because of it. So uninstalling the Alienware Command Center became the best solution to avoid such problems that occurred or might occur again in the future.

What is Alienware OC controls?

The Alienware OC Controls application helps to monitor the performance of the system, thermal management features, and performances of CPU, GPU, Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP).

How do I use Alienware OC controls?

Open the Alienware Command Center. Click OC Controls.

Using the settings in the BIOS:

  1. Press F2 while turning on the system.
  2. In the BIOS go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Select Overclocking Feature and press Enter.
  4. Select Extreme Edition Core Ration Limits and press Enter.
  5. Select OC LV 1 and press Enter.
  6. Press F10 to save and exit.

How do I uninstall Alienware OC controls?

Right-click the start button and click Apps and Features. Click Alienware OC Controls then click uninstall to remove the previous version.

How can I improve the performance of my Alienware?

Read here for info, advice and steps to improve slow performance issues that you may experience on your Alienware system.

Basic tips include things like:

  1. Uninstall programs you never use.
  2. Restart the computer regularly.
  3. Run fewer programs at the same time.
  4. Defragment the computer’s Hard Drive.

What does Alienware high performance mode do?

What Does Alienware High Performance Mode Do? wattage throttle limits, increasing the wattage throttle limit from 15w-23w to 35w to protect a power limit.In addition to this, it appears to be operating in high power mode.Mar 20, 2022

What does the G button do on Dell g15?

The latest BIOS, Alienware Command Center and Alienware Over Clocking (OC) Controls software for the G5 15 5590, G7 15 7590 and G7 17 7790 introduces the G-key feature which allows you to quickly customize the thermal and performance setting of your computer.Nov 20, 2020

How can I test my Alienware performance?

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Open Performance Information and Tools by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type Performance Information and Tools, and then, in the list of results, click Performance Information and Tools.

How do I turn off the lights on my Alienware laptop?

Look at the taskbar icons near the clock and you will see a small alienware head icon. Right click and you will see various options. To turn all lighting off, left click "go dark" and "go light" to change can also dim the lighting from that menu also.

Is Alienware Dell?

Alienware will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell and will continue to offer its exotic and colorful PCs.

What does the R mean in Alienware?

R = revision. The higher the R number the newer the laptop is. So, an R4 is newer than an R3.