How do I use the aura creator?

How do I use the aura creator? 

Launching AURA Creator

There are two ways to launch AURA Creator, ※In Armoury Crate application, select “System”② in main menu “Device”① item, and then click “Lighting”③ page. After that, to click “Aura Creator”④ icon to launch Aura Creator.

How do I use my Asus Aura? 

How do I open my aura creator? 

Go to “Apps” and search the “Aura Creator” App to uninstall it.

Please follow the steps below to download Aura Creator and Armoury Crate:

  1. Go to the Aura Creator website and click the Download button.
  2. Unzip “ArmouryCrateInstallTool.
  3. Select to install a single App (Aura Creator or Armoury Crate), or to install both.

Is Aura creator the same as Aura Sync? 

Aura Creator is an advanced lighting effect editor for users to create their lighting profile and apply to Aura Sync. The compatible devices list will be kept updated with software update.May 20, 2022

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What is Armoury Crate vs aura creator?

While Armoury Crate lets you change preset lighting modes (or direct shortcuts), Aura Creator gives you complete access to lighting controls down to each individual LED for every compatible device in your system.

What is Armoury Crate & Aura creator?


Armoury Crate allows you to take command of settings for a growing number of ROG gaming marvels, making it easier to tune the look and feel of your system. View the current supported products, or check the FAQ for technical support.

How do I control the lights on my Asus motherboard?

What is Asus Armoury Crate for?

Armoury Crate is a software utility designed to provide centralized control of supported ROG gaming products. From a single interface, Armoury Crate put command of all your AURA gear at your fingertips with the new Aura Creator suite ready.

How do you sync armory crate with RAM?

Click SETTINGS. Select your system memory. Open Armoury Crate. Click the Aura Sync section.

Enabling Armoury Crate

  1. Install or update iCUE.
  2. Install the ASUS plugin.
  3. Install Armoury Crate.

How do I control Corsair RAM with aura sync?

  1. Install/update iCUE. If updating requires restarting your system, do this now.
  2. Install the Aura Sync plugin.
  3. Open iCUE, click the “Settings” tab at the top of the window,then click the icon for your system memory (1)
  4. Click “Enable full software control” (2)

Can aura sync control iCUE?

With both iCUE and the latest version of ASUS’ Aura Sync Utility installed, users can now fully control the RGB lighting on their ASUS motherboard through iCUE, as well as synchronize lighting with every iCUE-compatible CORSAIR device throughout their setup, from high-performance DRAM and CPU coolers to keyboards and

How do I control RGB on Corsair RAM?

To enable full software control:
  1. Open iCUE.
  2. Click the SETTINGS tab.
  3. Select the VENGEANCE RGB PRO in the DEVICE SETTINGS section.
  4. Tick the Enable full software control checkbox.

How do I customize my Corsair RGB?

Set Up Corsair RGB Fans in iCUE
  1. Open the iCUE software.
  2. Select your controller on the Home screen.
  3. Select 4-Pin Lighting Effects for setting up fans or 3-Pin Lighting Effects for other RGB strips.
  4. Select Lighting Setup.
  5. Either let iCUE automatically detect your Corsair fans, or manually select the appropriate product.

How do I customize Corsair RGB RAM?

From the Home view of CORSAIR LINK, you can double click on any LED number within the DRAM tile to start customizing your VENGEANCE RGB. In the “Configure LED” window, you can modify settings such as the LED name, the lighting mode, the speed of the lighting mode, and grouping settings.

Does iCUE work with RAM?

Orientating your RAM in iCUE

If you need to adjust your RAM in iCUE to match your motherboard layout, you can use the DIMM Setup tab to orientate your RAM. After clicking DIMM Setup in the left menu, you can click the rotation icons on the preview to orientate your RAM.

What can iCUE control?

iCUE is the latest iteration of Corsair’s backend software that manages the customization of its various supported components and peripherals. It lets you adjust RGB lighting for everything from your gaming mouse to your RAM, and AIO CPU cooler, remap buttons and switches, and create macros and custom profiles.

How much RAM is enough?

How much RAM do you need? Generally, we recommend 8GB of RAM for casual computer usage and internet browsing, 16GB for spreadsheets and other office programs, and at least 32GB for gamers and multimedia creators.

Can Aura sync control Corsair fans?

Asus mother baords that have arora sync can now be controlled with ” corsair icue “ no need to run arora sync and icue ! Some have reported not having to use the Aura sync at all and just using the plugin. Or just using Armoury Carte and the plugin.

Does iCUE work with Asus?

If you have an ASUS Motherboard with RGB lighting, you can use iCUE to control its lighting and the RGB lighting of ASUS GPUs. If your motherboard has an analog 12-volt RGB header, you can also use iCUE to control the lighting of devices attached to the header.

Does Asus Aura work with Corsair fans?

While Asus Aura Sync is running with the iCUE plug-in, can Istill use iCUE to control my other CORSAIR RGB products? Yes, the plug-in only grants control of your RAM modules to AsusAura Sync. All your other CORSAIR RGB products, like keyboard, mouse, etc, willstill be controlled through iCUE.

Are Corsair fans Argb?

Corsair QL120 ARGB PWM 120mm Fan White

The Corsair QL120 ARGB 120mm PWM fan features a low noise fan blade which spins at up to 1,500 RPM, hydraulic bearing, airflow of 41.8…