How do I watch YouTube while playing mobile games?

How do I watch YouTube while playing mobile games? 

Use Desktop Mode on Android
  1. Search for the video you want to play.
  2. Once the site refreshes, press the start button to play the video.
  3. Swipe down to reach the control center, and find the video in your settings.
  4. Turn off your screen, or switch to another app, and YouTube will continue to play.

How do I watch YouTube while playing a game on Steam? 

Put the games into windowed fullscreen, and then shift-tab to switch to chrome/spotify/etc.

How do you watch a video and play a game at the same time on PC? 

How to watch video while using another app at the same time
  1. Locate the video you want to watch. Right-click on it, select Open with and click Movies & TV.
  2. Once it launched, take a look at the bottom bar. Click the Play in mini view icon (red arrow).
  3. The video is now playing in a small dimension.

How do you put YouTube in the corner of your screen? 

From now on, just visit the Home screen while playing a video on YouTube, and it should automatically switch to picture-in-picture mode. You can then drag the PiP pane to the area of the screen where you want it to stay or double-tap it to go back to the YouTube app.Jan 20, 2021

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Can you play YouTube while on other apps?

NEW DELHI: One annoying fact about the YouTube app on Android and iOS devices is that it doesn’t allow background play. If you are watching a video or are listening to a music on YouTube and you navigate to a different app or turn off the screen, the video/audio automatically gets paused.

How can I watch YouTube on my iPhone while using other apps?

Open the YouTube app on your iPhone, and start playing a video. 4. While the video is playing, swipe up or tap the home button to close the YouTube app. This should make the video start in a mini-player on your screen while you open other apps.

How do you multitask on YouTube on iPhone?

How do you play YouTube videos in the corner of your iPhone screen?

Can you minimize YouTube on iPhone?

How do I split the screen on my iPhone?

To split screen on iPhone, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display > Zoom > Set > Use Zoom. After you have made this setting, your device will be able to switch to Split Screen mode. If you want to split your screen in the future, all you need to do is hold your device crosswise or horizontally.

How do I minimize my screen when watching YouTube?

How do you use PiP on iPhone?

How to enable picture-in-picture mode on iPhone
  1. Play a Video on any supported app.
  2. Now tap on the PiP Mode icon or navigate to Home Screen, the video will instantly minimize.
  3. Hold & drag the minimized screen anywhere, according to your preference.

Can you do PiP with YouTube?

How to use: While you are watching a video, swipe up (or press home) to close the app and watch in a mini player. Afterwards, swiping up or pressing home after starting a video in the YouTube mobile app will generate a PiP with standard play/pause and rewind/forward controls.

How do you get picture in picture on YouTube on iPhone?

To turn on Picture in Picture for other apps, head over to the General tab in the Settings app and tap Picture in Picture. Then flip the Start PiP Automatically toggle.

Does iPhone have PiP?

With Picture in Picture, you can watch a video or use FaceTime while you use other apps. The video window scales down to a corner of your screen so you can see the Home Screen and open other apps.

Why is YouTube Picture in Picture Not working?

Step 1: Launch YouTube and tap the profile picture icon. Step 2: Go to Settings > General. Step 3: Verify that Picture-in-picture is disabled. If it’s disabled, turn it on.

Why is PiP not working on iPhone?

All you need to do is to close the app and then open it again. For example, if you are trying to use PiP with the Settings app, then you must close the Settings app first and open it again to fix the issues. To restart an app, Go to the app switcher.

How do I open YouTube in PiP mode?

Picture-in-picture (PiP) allows you to watch YouTube videos while using other apps on your mobile device.

To turn on picture-in-picture:

  1. Go to your Android settings. Apps & notifications. Advanced. Special app access. Picture-in-picture.
  2. Tap YouTube.
  3. To turn on, tap Allow picture-in-picture.

Why does YouTube picture in picture not work on iPhone?

To use Picture in Picture with YouTube on iOS, you’ll first need to download PiPifier, an app from Arno Appenzeller that acts as an extension for Safari and allows you to use PiP with any HTML5 video (essentially every web video on iOS) in Safari. That includes YouTube, but only if you access it in your web browser.

How do I use PiP without YouTube Premium?

Watch YouTube in PiP Mode Without Premium on Android

YouTube’s PiP mode is accessible on Android using the popular VLC Player app. Moreover, VLC Player now allows you to play videos from the internet. You will be able to stream videos from VLC Player by simply pasting the URL of the video.

Is YouTube PiP free?

Users who don’t have a YouTube Premium subscription can play a video (non-music one) then exit the app and see if it stops or goes into PiP mode. Initially limited to only Premium users, YouTube’s picture-in-picture (PiP) mode is now rolling out to non-Premium subscribers outside the US.