How do SIM companies make money?

How do SIM companies make money? 

  1. Use what you are given to produce and sell what you can at profit.
  2. Make as many of the achievements as you can to build up ‘outside investment’
  3. A farm supplements your plantation and grocery store.
  4. Look to buy commodity items (ie, grain and water) from the market or on contract.

What does quality do in Sim companies? 

High quality products are sold faster in retail allowing higher profit. You may have noticed “stars” next to the products on the market. These determine the quality level of the resource. By default, you can manufacture quality 0 (Q0), by investing into research, you can get manufacture capability up to higher levels.

How do you send a contract to a SIM company? 

How do I send contracts? Need to be level 5+ (Family Business) to send and receive contracts. Visit your Headquarters (warehouse) and click on the resource, enter quantity and price, and hit SEND CONTRACT. Enter the recipient company’s name.

How do SIM companies level up?