How do you connect your Blu-ray player to WiFi?

How do you connect your Blu-ray player to WiFi? 

Why won’t my Blu-ray player connect to the Internet? 

Internet connection issues are often resolved after performing a power reset. If you have a separate modem and router, power reset both devices. Unplug the power cable to your modem/router and wait about 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable to your modem/router and make sure it’s turned on.

Can a Blu-ray player connect to the Internet? 

A network-enabled Blu-ray disc player supports wired or wireless network connectivity, which empowers your player to access the internet. Wi-Fi access may be either built-in or require an optional USB Wi-Fi Adapter. In both wired and wireless connection setups, the Blu-ray disc player connects to an internet router.

How do I connect my Sony Blu-ray DVD player to the Internet? 

Check your product manuals for model-specific information.
  1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Network Settings.
  4. Select Internet Settings. For wired connection. Select Wired Setup. Select Manual. For wireless connection. Select Wireless Setup.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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How do I connect my Samsung Blu-ray player to the internet Wired?

How do I connect my Sony BDP s1500 to the internet?

Follow these steps to set up a wireless connection:
  1. Turn on the Blu-ray Disc player.
  2. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to select Setup.
  4. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Network Settings.
  5. Press the ENTER button.
  6. Use the up arrow or down arrow to select Internet Settings.

Does Sony BDP s1500 have WiFi?

A: No – this unit requires a wired network connection.

How do I update my Sony Blu-ray player without Internet?

If Your Blu-ray Disc Player is not Connected to the Internet
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your model information.
  3. From the list, select the Firmware or Software update.
  4. Select Add to Cart.
  5. Select the Cart button at the top of the page.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Why does my Blu-ray player have an Ethernet port?

The Ethernet Jack on the Blu-Ray player can be used for the below mentioned purposes : a. To share the data from other netwrok devices like ( PC / Laptop) using All Share features.

Can you convert HDMI to Ethernet?

The simplest (and most reliable) solution is to use HDMI over Ethernet extenders, which are adapters that convert HDMI signals to data that can be transmitted over Ethernet. You connect an extender to each end of your Ethernet cable, then plug in HDMI cables to each extender and voila.

Do I need a WiFi Blu-ray player if I have a smart TV?

Do I need a Blu-ray player with a smart TV? Certainly not, you can directly play your Blu-ray movies without a Blu-ray Player on your smart TV. The very simple trick to doing so is converting the Blu-ray movies to formats supported by your smart TV.

How do you connect an Ethernet cable to a DVD player?

What does wireless LAN mean on a DVD player?

Built-in wireless LAN:

A built-in wireless LAN device allows you to access the Internet and your home network without having to connect a separate adapter. With this feature, you can easily connect to a wireless LAN and enjoy the benefits of networking in a cable-free environment.

How do I connect my Panasonic Blu-Ray player to WiFi?

How do I connect my Panasonic Blu-Ray player to Netflix?

If you see the Viera Cast button on your Panasonic remote
  1. Press the Viera Cast button on the remote.
  2. Select Netflix.
  3. Select Sign In.​ If you do not see Sign In, select Yes on the Are you a member of Netflix? screen.
  4. A code will appear. Enter this activation code at

How do I reset my Panasonic Blu-Ray player?

Press the Home button on the Blu-ray Disc player remote. Once the menu is displayed, press the Left arrow button on the remote and navigate to the option Setup. On Setup, use the Down arrow button and go to Resetting and press the Enter button.

How do I connect my Panasonic DVD player?

Recommended – Connecting DVD player using a HDMI cable
  1. Connect HDMI OUT on the DVD player to HDMI IN on the TV.
  2. After the connection is made, put the TV in HDMI Video mode by pressing the [TV/Video] button on the remote control.
  3. Select the HDMI Input that the player is plugged into on the TV and press [OK].

How do I connect my Panasonic DVD player to my Smart TV?

What is Viera link on my Panasonic TV?

VIERA Link™ is a new name for EZ Sync™. This function allows you to use your remote control for the Panasonic TV for easy operations when this unit has been connected to a VIERA Link compatible device using an HDMI mini cable (supplied) for automatic linked operations (Not all operations are possible).

How old is Panasonic Viera?

The first Viera HDTVs with Viera Cast, the TH-PZ850U series, appeared in May 2008. Panasonic introduced Netflix video streaming service and Skype to its Viera Cast line-up beginning with the 2010 model year. Panasonic TV’s with Viera Cast from the 2008 or 2009 model years are not able to access Netflix or Skype.

Is a Panasonic Viera a smart TV?

Viera (sometimes referred to as Viera Connect or VieraCast) is a Smart TV platform by Panasonic that makes it possible to stream multimedia content from the Internet directly into select Viera HDTVs and Blu-Ray players.