How do you fix a dead coax outlet?

How do you fix a dead coax outlet? 

How to Replace a TV Cable Outlet
  1. Disconnect any wire leading to the outlet, if necessary.
  2. Remove the plate.
  3. Unscrew the cable connector.
  4. Install the new cable connector.
  5. Push the cable connector through your new wall plate, then secure the plate to the wall with the screws.
  6. Reconnect your cable wire.

How do you check if a coaxial outlet is working? 

Manual Test using Cable Modem– You can test your coax outlet’s signal by taking your cable modem from cable outlet to cable outlet, and plugging it in to each coax outlet to verify a signal and connectivity. If your internet modem connects like normal, that means a signal was detected.

Why is my cable outlet not active? 

Inspect the cable feeding into the back of the outlet. If the cable is loose or disconnected, the outlet will not work. If this is the case, re-attach or tighten the cable.

How do you activate a coaxial outlet?