How do you get a lot of money in Pocket Planes?

How do you get a lot of money in Pocket Planes? 

Where should you start in Pocket Planes? 

Pocket planes game developer short description: (the casablanca challenge offered up huey parts for example) The game starts on level 1 with you having the ability to build 5 airports. From the creators of tiny tower comes pocket planes, a casual airline sim that fits right in…

What does weight do in Pocket Planes? 

The aircraft in Pocket Planes are also used to deliver jobs, also known as flights, to Events. A plane’s weight also matches its capacity, for example, a Bearclaw weighs 1 ton for its 1 slot. There are some exceptions e.g. The Starship. This rule works most of the time though.

How many planes can you have in Pocket Planes? 

At the start of the game players are given four Planes, and a slot for one more.

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How do you retire planes in Pocket Planes?

Scrapping Planes

After you remove a plane, tap the green Menu button in the bottom right, then tap Hangar. You will see a list of planes that you have removed from service. Tap the Scrap button next to a plane. This will separate the plane into parts.

What do events do in Pocket Planes?

The jobs will be easy to find as they have a special icon and they are highlighted in blue. Participating in these events increases their participation counter and makes the player eligible to win a prize.

How do you join flight crew in Pocket Planes?

Step 2: Join a Flight Crew

If you have signed into Game Center, you can tap Menu in the bottom-right corner of the Pocket Planes interface, then tap Flight Crew in the menu. In the Flight Crew screen, you will see “Active Flight Crew” at the top.