How do you get donuts fast in Simpsons Tapped Out?

How do you get donuts fast in Simpsons Tapped Out? 

Play find Maggie every 16 hours. Compete the main events as quickly as you can so you can get bonus doughnuts. Send Homer to play on his myPad for 45 seconds and tap on him repeatedly for 10 seconds while he’s doing it.Sep 10, 2017

What buildings earn donuts in Simpsons Tapped Out? 

CostMo and Lard Lad Donut Factory are currently the only buildings that generate donuts. Depending on your cash level and space, you can also buy and sell lots of bloodmobiles to get the level up donut – it is more expensive than the KEM approach, but you also don’t have to wait 4hrs for the build.

Is there a cheat for Simpsons Tapped Out? 

Hidden items and bonuses

Tap on Homer so his task list comes up next to him. Now tap on Homer 10 times quickly. Doing this will unlock 10 donuts and a Jebediah Statue.

Can you give donuts in tapped out? 

You cannot trade or gift anything outside of cash and incentives earned during visits. And that being said, you also may not gift currency of any kid, including cash, xp, donuts, goo, Krustyland tickets, snakes (past task), hearts (past task), etc.

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Is there a way to get free donuts in tapped out?

Tapped Out 500 Free Donuts

There is a discord channel for Simpsons: Tapped Out. They give all new people who join 500 free donuts. No strings attached to this. Join the discord, comment in the for the signup donuts and you will be given the donuts for free!Oct 30, 2020

What happens if you plant triffids in Simpsons Tapped Out?

The reward for Triffids is listed as ‘End of Humanity’. The crop actually instead rewards 200 XP, and no cash. This is possibly a reference to the 1951 film The Day of the Triffids deals with an aggressive species of plant destroying humanity.

What does Sky finger monument do?

The Sky Finger Monument has a feature once Get to the Point Pt. 4 is started which enables it to collect the income from everything that generates currencies in the player’s town waiting to be collected. It can only be used once every 24 hours or it can be rushed for 72 donuts.

Is Simpsons Tapped Out ending?

No. The game is not ending.

How do you find hidden items in Simpsons Tapped Out?

In order to unlock the secret item in Tapped Out you need to simply tap on Homer Simpson ten times. Make sure to have the sound on as tapping on Homer makes him giggle which is always good for a chuckle.Sep 20, 2012

How do you get free stuff on Simpsons Tapped Out?

An easy way to earn 10 free donuts is to go to Homer’s task list and tap Homer 10 times. Players also earn the statue of Jebediah Springfield when they complete this task.

What is the max level in Simpsons Tapped Out?

Re: What is the maximum level in the game the simpsons tapped out? Maximum level is 939.

How do you get free characters in tapped out?

If a character didn’t come with a building, like the Rich Texan, simply store the building they’re currently located in to knock them out of it. Or store the character itself by tapping on them.