How do you get to the secret woods in Stardew Valley?

How do you get to the secret woods in Stardew Valley? 

To unlock the Secret Woods, you must first upgrade your Axe to Steel or higher. You’ll find information on acquiring metals for the upgrade on the linked tools page. Once this is done, you can smash the log blocking the entrance. Bring a weapon, your hoe, and with your axe for this trip.

Where is the secret woods in Stardew Valley expanded? 

Junimo Woods is a secret area to the southwest of Cindersap Forest. It becomes available after completion of the Community Center. Here, Junimos will sell you various items – if you can find your way through the maze. Along the way are several graves written in both Dwarvish, Elvish, and an unknown language.

Where is the Cindersap forest in Stardew Valley? 

The Cindersap Forest is in the southwest of Stardew Valley and is a large region with lots of buildings, as well as lots of space for activities. It is full of rocks, twigs, and other litter, which can be cleaned up but will reappear each year in Spring 1.

How do you get further in the Secret Woods? 

Usually, players can only get into the Secret Woods once they’ve gotten a decent amount of copper and iron ore to upgrade their axe and chop down the log blocking the woods’ entrance.

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Should I upgrade my axe Stardew Valley?

When upgraded, the axe can be used to chop down large stumps and eventually logs that grant Hardwood. The Steel Axe is required to remove the Large Log that blocks the entrance to the Secret Woods. As of v1. 11 on the Riverlands and Forest Farm Maps, some bushes can be destroyed with a Copper Axe (or better).

What does Old Master cannoli want?

Fulfilling the Statue’s Request

What Master Cannoli is really looking for is a sweet gem berry which is described in game as “the sweetest thing you’ve ever smelled.” To get a sweet gem berry, players will first need to track down rare seeds.

How do you break in a stump at Stardew Valley?

In the top corner of the forest, past the big tree, there’s an Old Log that requires a Steel Axe to break. Go past the log and you’ll find yourself in a secluded area which contains multiple stumps that give around 2 Hardwood each. This area replenishes the stumps everyday so you’ll never run out.

Where do you meet Emily for camping?

the Secret Woods
You go camping with Emily in the Secret Woods. There is strange grunting coming from the forest. She says it’s cold and snuggles up close to you by the fire.

How do you upgrade the ax in Stardew Valley?

The axe, pickaxe, water can, and hoe can all be upgraded at the blacksmith, whose shop is located near the bridge at the bottom right of the town. Take the bridge then head north to see his shop. Bring your tool to the Blacksmith (open 9-5), along with several thousand gold and five metal bars.

What is the statue in the secret forest Stardew Valley?

stone statue of Old Master Cannoli
The stone statue of Old Master Cannoli is located inside the Secret Woods, in the very top left corner. The statue reads: “Old Master Cannoli still searching for the sweetest taste”. 600-1,000g) and then give the statue the resulting Sweet Gem Berry as you would give a gift, the statue’s eyes will turn red.

What does Grandpa’s shrine Stardew Valley do?

There are four candles around Grandpa’s Shrine, and lighting all four will give you the Statue Of Perfection, which grants 2-8 Iridium Ore per day. You must interact with the Shrine to get this statue. You can revisit the shrine and be re-evaluated by Grandpa’s ghost at any time after the first day of the third year.

What does the bath do in Stardew Valley?

Effects. Similar to other Harvest Moon games, the Bath House helps recover energy over time, but quickly. This makes it a valuable area to visit, as it provides a free way to recharge your energy.

What does the mermaid do in Stardew Valley?

The Mermaid will smile and wave and then reward the player with five Golden Walnuts! With the task complete, players are free to return to their farming or to search out more puzzles to tackle. Be sure to check out our guide to the locations of all Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island!

What should I do with the Pearl Stardew?

Pearls can be used to make the Bridal Veil on the Sewing Machine or can be sold for 2,500g. You can only obtain one pearl from the Mermaid Boat per save file, but you can also obtain them from fish ponds, artefact troves and by deep sea fishing on the Night Market submarine.

What does secret note 19 mean in Stardew Valley?

Secret Note #19

First, walk left until they hit a permanent obstacle. Then walk up until they hit an obstacle, and so on. The path will lead the player around the house, through town, and ultimately to a secret Solid Gold Lewis statue hidden behind Mayor Lewis’ house.

How do you unlock the Pirate Cove Stardew?

To unlock Pirate Cove, the player will first need to build a resort on Ginger Island. To do this, players will need to spend 20 Golden Walnuts, the main currency on the island that players can unlock by doing pretty much anything. This will clean up this part of the beach and adds a bit more excitement to the island.

Can you sleep on Ginger Island Stardew?

Once it is built you unlock essentially a second house you can use on the island to sleep-in. This building makes exploring the island far more convenient than head back to Stardew Valley each night.

How do you unlock Ginger Island?

To unlock Ginger Island, players will first need to access Stardew Valley’s post-game. This involves either doing every single bundle in the Community Center. Alternatively, players can also purchase a JoJaMart membership and buy every single upgrade in the warehouse that replaces the Community Center.

How do you open the golden coconut Stardew?

Golden coconuts are similar to geodes and artifact troves. When you get a golden coconut, you can bring it to Clint to have it cracked open. Like other geodes, it will cost 25g to have Clint open it for you. You cannot open a golden coconut with the geode crusher.

How do you snake a Stardew vertebrae?

The Snake Vertebrae can be obtained by digging up Artifact Spots in the west side of Ginger Island.

How many purple flowers can be found on the island?

Professor Snail, located on Ginger Island, gives you an Island Survey that consists of two questions. The first question he asks is How many purple flowers can be found on the island? Professor Snail then gives you eight different answers to choose from. The correct answer to the question is 22.