How do you hit enter on messenger without sending?

How do you hit enter on messenger without sending? 

How do you do a paragraph break on Facebook Messenger? 

For smartphone users, you can usually add a new line break or paragraph on Facebook messages by pressing the ‘Done’ or ‘Enter’ button on the virtual/floating keyboard on the screen. It will automatically add a line break after you press on it.

How do you put spaces between lines on messenger? 

Write the first part of the comment. Hold your keyboard’s “Ctrl” or “Control” key down and press “Enter.” Type the next portion of text.

How do you add spaces to a Facebook post? 

How to Put a Space Between Lines on Facebook
  1. Click inside of the “What’s on your mind?” field at the top of your Facebook homepage.
  2. Click inside the “Write a comment” field beneath any post or link on your Facebook wall, or the wall of a friend.
  3. Hit the “Shift” key and then “Enter” to move down to the next line.