How do you unlock Botanical Research MHW?

How do you unlock Botanical Research MHW? 

To unlock the ability to do a bit of gardening, you need to have rescued the Chief Botanical Researcher from a perilous situation. You’ll also need to complete his quest to hunt the Tobi-Kadachi.

How do you get more items in botanical research? 

How to unlock more farming slots at the Botanical Research Center: To open up the second and third slots at the center, you have to complete two quests. The first one is a four star optional quest called “Persistent Pests” which is available if you have a Hunter Rank of eight or higher.

How do you unlock botanical research slots? 

How do you unlock the 4th botanical research center? 

In Iceborne, you can unlock a fourth cultivating slot as well as upgrade your existing box to hold more farmed items. To unlock this upgrade, you’ll need to complete three quest steps. Head over to the Quest Counter and pick up the Master Rank 1 quest called Greetings from the Tundra to begin.

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How do you unlock the third cultivation in MHW?

How to Unlock the Third Slot:
  1. Unlock Level 7 optional quests on the Quest Board.
  2. Complete the quest ‘Talons of Ice and Fire’ in the Coral Highlands.
  3. Again, completing this quest will visually upgrade the Botanical Research Center and give you a third farming slot.

How do you unlock the secret of the ooze?

How to Unlock Secret of the Ooze. Clear assigned quests “Ready to Strike” and “A Smashing Cross Counter”. Speak to the Seliana Sailor after completing all deliveries and quests from the Laid-Back Botanist and Chief Botanist in Astera.