How many quests are there in Simpsons Tapped Out?

How many quests are there in Simpsons Tapped Out? 

There are 19 quests in total. The Muntz Quests is the quest chain before, and the Channel 6 Quests is the quest chain after.

What level do you finish tapped out? 

Level 60 is just like every other level in TSTO. You play it, you move through it and you move on. The content will be in the game for as long as the game is running. So you have FOR-EV-ER (in TSTO world) to finish it.

How do I get God in Simpsons Tapped Out 2020? 

God is a limited-time premium character that was released on October 23, 2019, as part of the Treehouse of Horror XXX Event. He is unlocked upon the placement of The Ten Commandments.

How do you get quests on Simpsons Tapped Out? 

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Is Level 60 the last level of tapped out?

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Level 60 content update was released on May 18, 2016 and was the one hundred and twentyseventh content update.

Card Handy Pt. 1[edit]

After reaching Level 60:
System Message Congratulations, you have reached the final level of The Simpsons Tapped Out.

How do you level up fast in tapped out?

How To Quickly Level Up In The Simpsons: Tapped Out
  1. Flora and fauna and more. Placing trees, bushes, shrubbery, and other plantlife (in addition to newspaper boxes, dumpsters, and more) reward you with XP.
  2. Choose XP heavy activities. Your residents generate XP with every move they make.
  3. Friends… so many friends.

Is there a cheat for Simpsons Tapped Out?

Hidden items and bonuses

Tap on Homer so his task list comes up next to him. Now tap on Homer 10 times quickly. Doing this will unlock 10 donuts and a Jebediah Statue.

Is Simpsons Tapped Out ending?

No. The game is not ending.

How do you get Kem farm in tapped out?

What happens if you plant triffids in Simpsons Tapped Out?

The reward for Triffids is listed as ‘End of Humanity’. The crop actually instead rewards 200 XP, and no cash. This is possibly a reference to the 1951 film The Day of the Triffids deals with an aggressive species of plant destroying humanity.

What happens after level 939 in Simpsons Tapped Out?

You get a 3 box donut choice every 1m xp. The donuts will continue. Feel free to farm Kwik-E-Marts or buy rat trap trucks.

How do you get donuts fast in Simpsons Tapped Out?

Ways to Get Donuts
  1. Level up. You usually get 1-2 donuts when you go up a level.
  2. Clean up Springfield. Lisa and Homer can uncover donuts when they perform the Clean Up Springfield task about 1 every 5 times (I would estimate).
  3. Connect with friends.
  4. Answer the Mayan God’s question correctly the 1st time.

What does Sky finger monument do?

The Sky Finger Monument has a feature once Get to the Point Pt. 4 is started which enables it to collect the income from everything that generates currencies in the player’s town waiting to be collected. It can only be used once every 24 hours or it can be rushed for 72 donuts.

How do you get Costmo?

Only one can be obtained. It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, krustyland road, boardwalk, pier, edge of boardwalk, or edge of pier. It is the second building to have the income produce donuts instead of common incomes such as krustyland tickets, cash and XP. The first is the Lard Lad Donut Factory.

How do you get free stuff on Simpsons Tapped Out?

An easy way to earn 10 free donuts is to go to Homer’s task list and tap Homer 10 times. Players also earn the statue of Jebediah Springfield when they complete this task.

Does Lard Lad give donuts?

The only buildings that gives you donuts so far is the Lard Lad Donut Factory and CostMo with each one producing 6 donuts every 24 hours.

How can I get free donuts?

1. Download the Krispy Kreme app and get your first free doughnut. When you download the Krispy Kreme app and become a Krispy Kreme Rewards member, you’ll get a free Original Glazed doughnut.

Is there a way to get free donuts in tapped out?

Tapped Out 500 Free Donuts

There is a discord channel for Simpsons: Tapped Out. They give all new people who join 500 free donuts. No strings attached to this. Join the discord, comment in the for the signup donuts and you will be given the donuts for free!

How do you tap homer 10 times?

When homer is free, tap on him to bring up his task menu. Instead of selecting a task, just keep tapping him with the menu open. On the tenth you’ll get the statue and 10 donuts.

How do you get Marge Simpsons Tapped Out?

Young Marge is a limited-time premium character that was released on December 12, 2018, as part of a Gil Deal during Act 2 of A Simpsons Christmas Special 2018 Event. She is unlocked upon the completion of the Roller Rink.

What does the donut truck do in Simpsons Tapped Out?

Donut Truck- 225 Donuts. 5% bonus on all cash and XP. 9×5 in size, goes in the ocean. When tapped pink steam comes out and it rains donuts for 8 seconds.