How many watts is a Sherwood receiver?

How many watts is a Sherwood receiver? 

The Sherwood RX-4103 105 Watts per Channel x2, AM/FM Tuner, Home Theater (Stereo) Receiver is designed and built in-house with attention to bring you quality audio at a budget price.

Are Sherwood Amplifiers any good? 

But Sherwood makes surprisingly good, reliable receivers. I find them to be a bit underpowered and lacking in “get up and go”, but we use those as a back up for those that can’t swing an NAD. They build for a lot of Japanese companies.

Who makes Sherwood receiver? 

Inkel Corporation of South Korea
Sherwood is a manufacturer of hi-fi equipment. The company was founded 1953 in Chicago. The company is currently under Inkel Corporation of South Korea, one of the largest AV receivers manufacturers in the world.

Sherwood (company)

Industry Audio
Products AV receivers

How many watts is a Sherwood RX 4109? 

210 Watts
Sherwood RX-4109 200W Stereo Receiver – Black
Brand Sherwood
Output Wattage 210 Watts
Compatible Devices Speaker
Item Weight 19.5 Pounds
Audio Encoding Stereo