How much is the REVVL 4 plus worth?

How much is the REVVL 4 plus worth? 

SPECS. The REVVL 4+ costs $192.

How old is the REVVL 4 plus? 

Launch Announced 2020, August 27
Status Available. Released 2020, September 04

What kind of phone is a Revvl 4+? 

REVVL 4 offers a high definition 6.22-inch display, long-lasting battery, and feature-filled 13MP camera, all paired with the convenience of facial and fingerprint unlock. T-Mobile REVVL 4.

Wireless Carrier T-Mobile
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Operating System Android
Screen Size 6.2 Inches
Cellular Technology 4G

What is a REVVL 4 worth? 

Current Storage Prices for T-Mobile Revvl 4
Storage Avg list price Avg sale price
32 GB $61 $66

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Is the REVVL 4 plus waterproof?

The REVVLRY is “water-repellent” as opposed to water-resistant, so you shouldn’t expect much here in the way of water protection. Still, to get some water protection on a device that retails for $200 is a steal. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are fitting for the prices on these two handsets.

Is Revvl a Samsung?

Sadly, the Revvl will probably stay stuck on Nougat

In the tech specs, T-Mobile says the Revvl runs Android Nougat 7.0, which is an immediate red flag.

When did the Revvl 4+ come out?

Launch Announced 2020, August 27
Status Available. Released 2020, September 04

Are Tmobile Revvl phones any good?

The T-Mobile Revvl 5G is a surprisingly capable phone for the price. It offers fast performance, a nice display, and strong battery life. The Pixel 4a 5G offers better camera quality and faster software updates, but it costs $100 more. And the Moto G Power delivers similarly solid performance, but it doesn’t have 5G.

Who is the manufacturer of REVVL 4 plus?

Regulatory filings for a new phone from TCL bear the name “REVVL 4+” and describe a phone supporting all of the network bands unique to the T-Mobile/Sprint network. Since 2017, T-Mobile has offered a series of white-label phones under its own “T-Mobile REVVL” brand.

Is the REVVL 4 plus a 5G phone?

Other features. The T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G unites the incredible performance features you crave with a price-point you’ll love. Blazing-fast 5G connectivity,1 powerful battery, an expansive display, and pro-quality cameras empower every move.

Does the Revvl 4+ have wireless charging?

It also sports a fingerprint reader, memory card slot, headset jack, and USB-C connector.


Features Ungroup Features Show all features
Fast Charging Standard: Quick Charge 3.0
Wireless Charging

What brand is the Revvl?

T-Mobile USA has released its first branded smartphone, the REVVL, which the company said it created to be tailored to its base. With the guideline of “bigger screens, better cameras, faster processors, more memory,” the REVVL has a 5.5-inch HD screen, a 13-megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM and a fingerprint sensor.

Is Revvl plus a good phone?

The upgrades actually seem to be worth it. T-Mobile REVVL 4 Plus comes with a gigantic size display at 6.5-inch. This phone also has a dual-camera setup, fingerprint sensor, and NFC. Relying on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 3GB RAM, we had high hope for its performance.

Does the Revvl V Plus have wireless charging?

It supports a wireless charging standard such as Qi. To charge the device, you simply put it down on a compatible charging pad.

What is backlit power key Revvl?

What is the difference between Revvl and Revvl plus?

T-Mobile Revvl V Plus 5G’s larger 4 GB RAM is better for playing games and all with respect to T-Mobile Revvlry’s lower 2 GB RAM. T-Mobile Revvl V Plus 5G has more Internal Memory (64 GB) than T-Mobile Revvlry (32 GB). Both of the devices have Memory Card Slot.

Can you screen record on a Revvl 4 plus?

We already have the screen recording icon on the T-Mobile REVVL 4 quick panel, now to start recording we have two options: simultaneously press the volume up and power buttons of the REVVL 4 or a simpler and less likely to fail which is to unfold the panel fast by sliding a finger from the top of the screen and

Does the Revvl 4 plus have screen mirroring to TV?

How do you text on Revvl 4?

  1. You can send multimedia messages (MMS) with the T-Mobile REVVL 5G.
  2. Go to the Home screen.
  3. Scroll down.
  4. If this screen appears, choose GOT IT.
  5. Choose the plus symbol.
  6. Choose To and enter a phone number or, in this case, choose a contact.
  7. Choose Add text and enter a message.
  8. Choose the paperclip symbol.

Can you hide apps on Revvl 4?

How do you take the back off a mobile Revvl 4 plus?

Step 1 Removing the back
  1. The back of the phone is held on with a combination of plastic clips and adhesive.
  2. The entry point is the speaker grille near the bottom of the phone.
  3. Insert a plastic opening tool in the hole in the back of the phone as shown to lift the back cover.