What is a .ACD-BAK File And How To Open It – MAGIX (Guide)

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Have you downloaded a file with .acd-bak extension, but you have never seen this extension before? It is important to know how to open this file – in order to be able to work with it. That’s why you are here! We have made this guide for you to learn more about the .acd-bak file extension and how to open it.

What is a .ACD-BAK file?

The .ACD-BAK file extension stands for MAGIX ACID Project Backup File. This file extension belongs to the developer MAGIX. The file has the binary format, and it is a audio related file.

What to know

There is currently 1 software that can open the .acd-bak file on 1 platform.

How to open a .ACD-BAK file?

Below we have written a comprehensive guide on how to open the .ACD-BAK file on various operating systems.

How to open a .ACD-BAK file on Windows (7, 8, 10)

The .acd-bak file can be opened in 4 steps on Windows.

1. In the first step you need to download the MAGIX ACID Pro 9 software. This software will be used for opening the file.

Step 2

Step 2: Locating your .ACD-BAK file

2. In the second step you need to locate the downloaded file. If you don’t remember where you have downloaded your file to, you should check your /download/ folder as it usually gets automatically saved there.

Step 3

Step 3: Choose “Open with”

3. In the third step right click on your file and choose “Open with”.

Step 4

Step 4: Choose the software and click ok

4. After choosing the “Open with” option, you will have an option to choose the MAGIX ACID Pro 9 software you have downloaded. Click on the software and click “OK”. That’s all, now you have opened your file on Windows.

Still cannot open the .ACD-BAK file?

If you are still unable to open the .ACD-BAK file, it might be because you are trying to open the wrong one. The .ACD-BAK file extension is similar to other file extensions such as: .acd-zip – Sony, .ace – WinAce, .acelive – ACE Stream, .acf – Valve, .acf – Laminar Research. You might be trying to open one of them. Please recheck the file extension again.


In this article you have learned how to open the .ACD-BAK file with the MAGIX ACID Pro 9 program on Windows.