What is a .FTC File And How To Open It – First Touch Games (Easy Steps)

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Have you downloaded a file with .ftc extension, but you have never seen this extension before? It is important to know how to open this file – in order to be able to work with it. Don’t worry! This article explains everything about the .ftc file extension, how to open and work with it on various systems.

What is a .FTC file?

The file extension .FTC stands for Dream League Soccer Asset File. The developer of this file extension is First Touch Games. The file is a game related file.

What to know

There is currently 1 software that can open the .ftc file on 1 platform.

How to open a .FTC file?

In this part of the article we will show you how to open the .FTC file on various operating systems.

How to open a .FTC file on Android

The .ftc file can be opened on Android.

Step 1

Image 1: Locating your .FTC file in the download folder

The first step is locating the downloaded file. The file can be usually found in your /download/ folder if you don’t remember where you have downloaded it to.

Step 2

Image2: Unable to open the file

If you try clicking the file, it will show you the error above.

Step 3

Image3: Open your Google Play Store

Please locate the app “Google Play Store” (picture above) and open it.

Step 4

Image4: Search for the software and download it

In order to open the file, you will have to search for the First Touch Games Dream League Soccer software and install it. You could also download the First Touch Games Dream League Soccer software. Congratulations! You have opened your file on Android.

Still cannot open the .FTC file?

If you cannot open the .FTC file, it is entirely possible that you are trying to open the wrong file. The .FTC file extension is similar to other file extensions such as: .ftc – FluxTime. You might be trying to open the wrong file, please recheck if you are trying to open the right file extension again.


In this article you have learned how to open the .FTC file with the First Touch Games Dream League Soccer software on Android.