How to text someone who blocked you

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It is impossible to text someone who has blocked the number you are trying to contact them from. If you try to text someone who has blocked you, they will not receive any notification and will not know you have tried to contact them again. Your text will simply be there as if it was sent, however they will never receive it.

There are few possible ways to contact someone who has blocked you, however you won’t be able to do from the same number.

You can:
1. Call/message from another number. This is the easiest way to contact somebody who blocked you. Simply ask your friend or get a new SIM card and contact the person.

2. Hide your caller ID. When you call or text using hidden caller ID, the call or text will go through. Android nor iPhone will be able to tell that you are calling or texting from the blocked number.

How to hide caller ID on Android

  1. Open the “Phone” app
  2. Click on “More” (it might appear as three dots)
  3. Tap on “Settings”
  4. Tap on “More settings” and then “Show my caller ID”
  5. Pop up appears, click on “Hide number”
  6. Click “Cancel” to get out of the window

How to hide caller ID on iPhone

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Click on “Phone”
  3. Tap “Show my caller ID”
  4. Turn it off

Note: Some carriers disable the option to hide the caller ID.


Respect privacy. When somebody blocked you, contacting them might be viewed as harrasment and could be troublesome for you. Use this only in case of emergency.