Is a G-Sync monitor worth it?

Is a G-Sync monitor worth it? 

Generally, most G-SYNC monitors are not worth it.

In many cases, for the extra price you’d have paid for a G-SYNC monitor in comparison to its Adaptive-Sync counterpart, you could simply buy a better display with FreeSync/G-SYNC Compatible.

Why is G-Sync more expensive than FreeSync? 

I guess, the core difference between Nvidia’s G-Sync display technology and AMD’s FreeSync is that G-Sync is a closed technology, which means that in order to get it, you need to go to Nvidia for the special hardware which is and can only be developed by them, thus increasing the price point of the hardware.

Is there a downside to G-Sync? 

Being a proprietary technology, the G-Sync module can be considered an expensive luxury as the G-Sync scaler replaces the standard one in a monitor. … Another downside to G-Sync is it will not work with AMD graphics cards so if you have AMD or plan on going down this route, do not buy a G-Sync monitor.

Is G-Sync worth it at 144Hz? 

Answer: G-Sync is definitely worth it if you have an NVIDIA GPU and are looking for a monitor with a high refresh rate. If you’ve ever thought about getting a monitor with a high refresh rate, like a 144Hz or a 240Hz one, you’ve probably noticed that a fair number of them come with something called G-Sync.