Is Dell N5110 compatible with Windows 10?

Is Dell N5110 compatible with Windows 10? 

No. I repeat, do NOT install Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron n5110 15R laptop. I did, and now the laptop does not function correctly. The function keys are not working.

When was Dell Inspiron N5110 launched? 

Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 2nd Generation Full Specifications
Model name : Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 (2nd Generation)
Launch date (global) : 2012-03-01
operating system (with version) : Windows 7 (64-bit)
laptop type : Mainstream

How do I change the keyboard on my Dell N5110? 

How do you open the keyboard on a Dell Inspiron N5110? 

Installation and Removal Instructions Inspiron 15R N5110 Keyboard
  1. Slide the locking latch over. Slide the latch the the left and the battery out.
  2. Turn the laptop over and open it up.
  3. Turn the keyboard over.
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