Is the Ath-M50x discontinued?

Is the Ath-M50x discontinued? 

Is the Ath-M50x discontinued? The M50 line of headphones from Audio Technica has been discontinued for a while. The ATH-M50x is a new version that comes with better bass, is more comfortable, and features a great cable. Also, they offer better sound quality and are perfect for casual listening.

Is Audio Technica mx50 good for gaming? 

Summary. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones are pretty good for gaming, delivering full-range sound performance with crystal clear clarity and deep bass.

Is Audio Technica high quality? 

Audio-Technica is a well-known brand that offers headphones at more affordable price points. While they produce a sound that can rival higher-end models, they tend to have less than stellar builds. Their noise cancelling series also falls short compared to other brands with similar features.

What is the difference between ATH M50 and M50x? 

Audio-Technica realized what was going on, and decided to give consumers a revision of the ATH-M50, that being the ATH-M50X. Basically, it’s the exact same headphone but with upgraded headband and ear pad materials, but most importantly, with detachable cables.