What cable do I need to connect Blu-ray to TV?

What cable do I need to connect Blu-ray to TV? 

Connect the Blu-ray Disc Player to Your TV
  1. Using a high-speed HDMI® cable, connect one of the cable to the HDMI OUT on the Blu-ray Disc player.
  2. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN 2 or HDMI IN 3 on your TV.
  3. Turn on the Blu-ray Disc player.
  4. Turn on your TV.

Do you need a special HDMI cable for Blu-ray player? 

If you want to connect a new 3D Blu-ray player to a new 3D TV, you’ll just need a high-speed HDMI cable, which is already recommended for connecting 1080p TVs and Blu-ray players. (HDMI Standard cables are generally sufficient for handling video with up to 720p or 1080i resolutions.)

Is HDMI the same as Blu-ray? 

These features come standard on every new Blu-ray player, even the lowest priced models. HDMI is the connection that allows you to transmit a 1080p video signal and a high-resolution audio signal from your Blu-ray player to your HDTV and/or home entertainment system.

Can you use a Blu-ray player with any TV? 

All Blu-ray players have HDMI. You can use the component outputs with your current TV and the HDMI output with your future one, so the player will be usable indefinitely. Some older HDTVs have only one set of component inputs that work with HDTV signals.

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Can a Blu-ray player turn a TV into a smart TV?

If you already have a high speed Internet connection, adding a Digital Media Player or a Blu-ray disc player with a streaming content feature will convert almost any legacy HDTV into a Smart TV, enabling instant viewing of TV programs and movies from services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Vudu.

Can I connect a Blu-ray player to my TV wirelessly?

You can have your Blu-ray player wirelessly stream to your main living room TV, but also your HDTV in your kitchen, or even the TV you have set up on your back porch. Blu-ray players may not be convenient or visually appealing to install in certain locations.

How do I connect my Blu-Ray player to my TV without HDMI?

Plug one end of the red and white composite audio cables into the “Audio Out” ports on the Blu-ray player, matching the colors, and insert the other ends of the cables into the “Audio In” ports on the input panel of the TV.

How do I connect my Sony Blu-ray to the Internet Wired?

Check your product manuals for model-specific information.
  1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Network Settings.
  4. Select Internet Settings. For wired connection. Select Wired Setup. Select Manual. For wireless connection. Select Wireless Setup.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Why does my Blu-Ray player have an Ethernet port?

The Ethernet Jack on the Blu-Ray player can be used for the below mentioned purposes : a. To share the data from other netwrok devices like ( PC / Laptop) using All Share features.

Can you convert HDMI to Ethernet?

The simplest (and most reliable) solution is to use HDMI over Ethernet extenders, which are adapters that convert HDMI signals to data that can be transmitted over Ethernet. You connect an extender to each end of your Ethernet cable, then plug in HDMI cables to each extender and voila.

How do I hook my Blu-ray player up to the internet?

To connect your Blu-ray player to your WiFi network:
  1. Make sure your Blu-ray player and TV are powered on and that your WiFi network is working properly.
  2. Navigate to your Blu-ray player’s main menu screen.
  3. Open Network Settings and then select WiFi Setup.
  4. Select Wireless as your connection type.

How do I connect my Blu-ray to my home network?

Connecting to your Blu-ray Disc or Network media player.

  1. Install your gaming adapter.
  2. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME or MENU button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Select Network Setup.
  6. Follow the steps to set up a wired internet connection.

Does a Blu-Ray player have to be connected to the Internet?

Nope. An internet connection is not required for playback of Blu-Ray discs.

What is this SSID?

The abbreviation SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. This is the unique name that identifies a wireless network. It is in the packet header when a data packet is transmitted. The devices on the Wi-Fi network use this identifier for communications via the network.

Can my Sony Blu-Ray player connect to Wi-Fi?

Most of the Sony® Blu-ray Disc™ players are Wi-Fi capable. However, if your Sony Blu-ray Disc player does not have the Wi-Fi functionality, you have to purchase an optional wireless adapter and insert it into the USB port of your Sony Blu-ray Disc player.

Why won’t my Blu-Ray player connect to the Internet?

Internet connection issues are often resolved after performing a power reset. If you have a separate modem and router, power reset both devices. Unplug the power cable to your modem/router and wait about 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable to your modem/router and make sure it’s turned on.

How do I connect my Sony Blu-Ray BDP s3700 to WiFi?

Finding Network Credentials
  1. Press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Using the left or right arrow go to Setup.
  3. Select Internet Settings and press Enter.
  4. Then go to Wireless Setup and press the right arrow to continue.
  5. Select Scan as the connection method then press the right arrow.

How do I connect my Sony Blu-Ray to my TV?

Is Sony BDP S1700 wireless?

Sony BDP-S1700 Streaming Blu-ray Disc Player w/Accessories Bundle Includes, 2.4GHz Wireless Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad, 6ft HDMI Cable and Laser Lens Cleaner for DVD/CD Players.

How do I connect my Samsung Blu-ray player to the Internet Wired?

Step 1 of 7
  1. Select Settings on the Home screen.
  2. The Settings menu screen appears.
  3. Select Network Settings and then press the Enter button.
  4. The Wired Network Settings screen appears.
  5. Select Manual, then press the Enter button.
  6. Enter the IP Address using the number buttons on your remote to enter numbers.

What does HTTP port disabled mean?

It turns out that what the error message really means is that the system can’t translate the domain name (netflix.com) into the set of numbers that are used behind the scenes to locate internet resources (i.e., “resolve” the name).