What camera do skaters use?

What camera do skaters use? 

Which are the best cameras for skateboarding?
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GoPro Hero 10: (Best Action Camera for Skateboarding) View on Amazon
Panasonic 4K Ultra Camcorder HC-VX981K: (Best Camera for Recording Skateboarding) View on Amazon
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Are Gopros good for skate videos? 

Skateboarding is one of the best sports to film. And if you’ve got a GoPro, you’re set with almost all the equipment you need. Filming skateboarding with a GoPro means no more expensive and heavy camera kit to carry around with you, and more importantly, no more limitations on what or where you can film.

What do skaters film with? 

Sony premiums are the most popular Mini-DV cameras among skaters, useful for their portability and quality. More expensive options might include the Sony vx1000, vx2000 or a vx2100, which are professional-quality, but probably excessive for the beginner.

How do you photograph skaters? 

  1. Find the Right Angle for Dynamic Photos.
  2. Use Manual Focus to Create Sharp Skate Photos.
  3. Shoot in Shutter Speed Priority Mode to Capture Motion.
  4. Get to Know and Work with the Skaters.
  5. Choose a Background that Enhances Your Composition.
  6. Focus on the Details to Tell a Story.
  7. Shoot with a Fisheye Lens to Capture a Wider Scene.