What happen to eMachines?

What happen to eMachines? 

eMachines was a brand of economical personal computers. In 2004, it was acquired by Gateway, Inc., which was in turn acquired by Acer Inc. in 2007. The eMachines brand was discontinued in 2013.

Who made eMachines computers? 

(eMachines, Inc., Irvine, CA, www.emachines.com) A manufacturer of PCs founded in 1998 and backed by Korean PC manufacturer TriGem Computer, monitor maker Korea Data Systems and other investors. eMachines targeted the consumer market with its first models in the sub-$500 range.

How do I reset my eMachines laptop? 

Restart the computer. Press the Alt and F10 keys when the eMachines logo appears. At the next screen, select Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults.

How do you restore a Windows 7 computer to factory settings? 

  1. Select the category “System and Security” in the control panel.
  2. In the section “Backup and restore” you can find “Recover system settings on your computer” and then click on “Advanced recovery settings”.
  3. Then, you need to click on “Return your computer to factory condition”.

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How do I restore my Emachine em250 to factory settings?

How to Restore My eMachines to Factory Without a Disc
  1. Launch the Charms bar and select Settings. Video of the Day.
  2. Select Change PC Settings. Image courtesy of Microsoft.
  3. Select Update and Recovery and then Recovery.
  4. Select Get Started under the option to Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows.

How do I reset my Emachines e725 Laptop?