What happened to hhgregg?

What happened to hhgregg? 

H.H. Gregg closed all stores in liquidation and had been operating as an online-only retailer since August that year, but it has since opened a new store in Somerset, New Jersey in 2019. H. H. Gregg Inc.

Why did hhgregg fail? 

HHGregg collapsed earlier this year after failing to adapt to e-commerce and focusing too long on competitive product lines such as televisions and tablets. HHGregg pivoted to appliances under CEO Bob Riesbeck but could not boost sales quickly enough in that category to turn the company around.

Who replaced hhgregg? 

​One local hhgregg replacement? Your one-stop Halloween shop. It’s not a permanent replacement, but at least one shuttered hhgregg in the D.C. area will turn into a seasonal store come fall: Spirit Halloween, the answer to all your Halloween costume and decor needs.

Do hhgregg sell TVs? 

Explore a wide range of TVs & Home Theater at hhgregg.

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Is HHGregg coming back?

Hhgregg returning as an online-only brand mirrors the comeback strategy of fellow bankrupt retail chain The Limited. The Limited relaunched its flagship website on Friday, more than 10 months after shuttering it and filing for bankruptcy.

When did HHGregg close?

H. H. Gregg / Ceased operations

Why is it called HHGregg?

History. HHGregg was founded in 1955 by Henry Harold and Fansy Gregg in Indianapolis. The store featured home appliances and soon began selling electronics such as televisions.

Who bought HHGregg?

INDIANAPOLIS — Citimark has acquired the former headquarters of hhgregg Inc. and announced plans to redevelop the 27-acre property on the far north side of Indianapolis.

When was HHGregg founded?

15 April 1955, Princeton, Indiana, United States
H. H. Gregg / Founded