What is ads PubMatic com?

What is ads PubMatic com? 

Ads.pubmatic.com is an advertising service that website publishers use to generate revenue on their sites. Unfortunately, there are some adware programs that are injecting these ads onto web sites you visit without the permission of the publisher in order to generate revenue.

Is PubMatic an ad network? 

PubMatic, a sell-side advertising platform that runs real-time programmatic ad transactions, launched its initial public offering on Wednesday.

What is PubMatic download? 

Image8.pubmatic.com is a redirect virus that can fill your web browser with different ads once it is activated. This adware can bring great issues and absorb a lot of your time with its unending download requests. The chief aim of this adware is to generate clicks.

Is PubMatic a good company? 

Is PubMatic a good company to work for? PubMatic has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5, based on over 407 reviews left anonymously by employees. 80% of employees would recommend working at PubMatic to a friend and 80% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has been stable over the past 12 months.

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Who is PubMatic?

PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM) is an independent technology company maximizing customer value by delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future.

How many people work at PubMatic?

Sell-side platform PubMatic has dismissed more than 100 employees, AdExchanger has confirmed. The layoffs, affecting 20% of the company’s global staff, follow an 8% reduction in October. The combined cuts have reduced PubMatic’s workforce from 600 to about 450.

Who owns PubMatic stock?

Revenues rose 34.5% year-over-year (YoY) to $75.6 million, beating analyst estimates for $75.47 million. Pubmatic Co-founder and CEO Rajeev Goel commented, “For the second consecutive year, we delivered an incredible combination of revenue growth and profitability.

How PubMatic makes money?

PubMatic made more than $100 million in 2019, with more than half of its business coming from mobile advertising. Thirty percent came from text-based display advertising and 20% from video. Goel said the firm wants to increase the video portion to 30% this year.

What kind of company is PubMatic?

PubMatic, Inc. is a company that develops and implements online advertising software and strategies for the digital publishing and advertising industry.

Where is PubMatic based?

Overview Suggest Edit
Type Public
HQ Redwood City, CA, US Map
Website pubmatic.com
Employee Ratings 4.4 More
Overall Culture A+ More

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Who founded PubMatic?

Rajeev Goel
Amar Goel

When did PubMatic go public?

December 2020
PubMatic made its trading debut on the Nasdaq in December 2020 at an IPO price of $20 per share, raising about $115 million.

When was PubMatic founded?

As many of you already know, PubMatic was founded in 2006 by Rajeev Goel, Amar Goel, Anand Das and Mukul Kumar. What began as an ambitious four-person startup has become a global company with more than 350 employees across 11 offices worldwide.