What is RVU on my smart TV?

What is RVU on my smart TV? 

RVU (pronounced R View) is a software protocol that permits a source, such as a satellite DVR, to send television network programming to your HDTV without a cable. The only wire you’ll need to see your favorite programs on a RVU compatible HDTV is the power cord.

What is a RVU on a TV? 

RVU technology allows a PayTV provider to enable the same User Interface and feature set experience across every TV in the home RVU (pronounced “R-view”, for Remote Viewing) was developed by a group of leading technology companies to enable Remote User Interface (RUI) technology.

How do I use RVU on my Samsung TV? 

Run the coaxial cable to the Cinema Connection Kit (plugged into AC power) and run an ethernet cable into your Samsung TV. If the rest of your receivers get internet access through the coax network, the TV will as well. To select the RVU source, use the SOURCE button on your Samsung TV remote.

How do I turn off RVU on Samsung TV? 

There is no way to hide the RVU input, as far as HDMI unused sources, the ones that are live are bright white, the ones that are not used are greyed you. No sure why you think this is a DIRECTV® issue, Samsung is the one that made the TV and they made no effort to hide unused ports when they are not in used.