What is the most profitable fruit tree in Stardew Valley?

What is the most profitable fruit tree in Stardew Valley? 

Pomegranites and Peaches are the most valuable fruits.Oct 20, 2017

Are fruit trees in Stardew Valley worth it? 

In my experience, fruit trees are a worth it investment, especially if you get them early game. You can earn good money alongside farming crops and taking care of your animals. This guide will help first-time players and veterans alike and tell them all about fruit trees.

Where do I put Orchard Stardew? 

The most unobstructed space is the lower lefthand part of your farm. Also keep in mind that once the fruit tree has grown, you can put whatever you want next to it, so you can add pathing/flooring around the trees if you want to visually tie everything together.May 30, 2016

What is the best tree to buy in Stardew Valley? 

Stardew Valley: When to Plant Trees For the Best Timing
  • Apricot Sapling (2,000 coins) – Bears apricots in the Spring.
  • Cherry Sapling (3,400) – Cherries in the Spring.
  • Apple Sapling (4,000) – Apples in the Fall.
  • Orange Sapling (4,000) – Oranges in the Summer.
  • Peach Sapling (6,000) – Peaches in the Summer.
Mar 30, 2016

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What does the mermaid do in Stardew Valley?

The Mermaid will smile and wave and then reward the player with five Golden Walnuts! With the task complete, players are free to return to their farming or to search out more puzzles to tackle. Be sure to check out our guide to the locations of all Golden Walnuts on Ginger Island!

Do you need to water trees Stardew?

Trees don’t need water, they just takes a very very long time to grow. In case of fruit trees: You need to make sure that the 8 surrounding tiles are free (so in a 3×3 with the tree in the middle nothing else). Even paths and such “decoration”-things hurt the growth.

Is there an end to Stardew Valley?

This is straightforward for a lot of games, but with Stardew Valley though, there is no ‘end’. As you play on your farm, you will come across various milestones and progress trackers, but there is no end to the game. Players can continue farming for years in the game without growing bored.

Do I need to water acorns in Stardew Valley?

No need to water it. Trees don’t need water, they just takes a very very long time to grow. In case of fruit trees: You need to make sure that the 8 surrounding tiles are free (so in a 3×3 with the tree in the middle nothing else).

Do stumps regrow Stardew?

They do not grow back into trees.

This is with Stardew Valley from GoG, v1. 05.

Which is better forester or gatherer Stardew Valley?

Between Forester and Gatherer, the Gatherer is by far the better Forager profession in Stardew Valley. Forester leads to higher quantities of Hardwood, but Gatherer stands to make you much more money.

Why are my fruit trees not producing fruit Stardew Valley?

Fruit trees can be struck by lightning, causing them to become burnt for 4 days. During this time, they will not produce fruit, but will instead produce coal. After the 4 days are up, they will return to normal.

Do Stardew greenhouse fruit need to be watered?

Fruit trees do not need to be watered, and will not die in the winter. Fruit saplings will grow during any season, allowing players to plant and prepare for upcoming seasons to bear fruit.

How much space do you need between Stardew Valley fruit trees?

Fruit Trees require 2 spares in all directions to be clear, so they must be planted with 2 empty squares between them (TXXTXXTXXT) with the same amount of space on a horizontal level. The game won’t normally let you plant them too close together. Fruit trees give one fruit each day.

Why won’t my trees grow in the greenhouse Stardew Valley?

Neither the greenhouse wall nor the wood border itself will impede the growth of the fruit trees, although a one-space separation must be maintained between the tree and any items (like sprinklers) that are placed on the wood border or exterior region during the time the tree is growing.

Do sprinklers work in greenhouse Stardew?

You can plant any crop from any season and it will grow as long as you water it. Watering the plants in the Greenhouse is an issue because you can either install sprinklers or you can water them yourself.

Can I plant rare seed in greenhouse?

Rare Seed is a very straightforward crop. It can only be planted in Fall (or in the Greenhouse, natch) and takes 24 days to grow.

Can you put a beehive in a greenhouse Stardew Valley?

Bee houses can be placed indoors (e.g., in the Greenhouse) but will not produce honey there. Bee houses placed outside the farm will produce wild honey every 4 days, but they will be destroyed if they are placed in a villager’s path.

What is the most profitable honey in Stardew Valley?

Which Flowers Produce the Most Valuable Stardew Valley Honey?
  • Tulip – 160g.
  • Blue Jazz – 200g.
  • Summer Spangle – 280g.
  • Poppy – 380g.
  • Fairy Rose – 680g.
Oct 10, 2019

Is honey profitable Stardew Valley?

Honey is actually pretty profitable. It requires minimal micromanaging and actually can turn hefty profits with the right flowers.

Is Fairy rose honey worth?

The Fairy Rose is a flower that can be grown from Fairy Seeds in 12 days. 680g. This is the most valuable type of honey, compensating for the poor profit margins on the flower itself. 870-1,450g.

Fairy Rose
Seed: Fairy Seeds
Growth Time: 12 days
Season: Fall
XP: 29 Farming XP

Does Abigail like fairy stone?

An old miner’s song suggests these are made from the bones of ancient fairies. Fairy Stone is a mineral that can be found in the Frozen Geode and the Omni Geode.


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