What mic is best for drums?

What mic is best for drums? 

Best kick drum mics
  • AKG D112 MKII.
  • Audix D6.
  • Shure Beta 52A.
  • Sennheiser E602 II.
  • Neumann U 47 FET.
  • Audio-Technica ATM250DE.

Can condenser mics be used for drums? 

Therefore, condenser mics are suitable for overhead mic or front of drum placement. They are susceptible to sound because of their lightweight membrane. It has a natural, precise, clear, and transparent sound, responding well to delicate parts such as cymbals.

Are Audix drum mics good? 

Overall, the Audix DP7 is an excellent package for anyone wanting a comprehensive range of drum mics that work together harmoniously.May 14, 2562 BE

How Many mics do I need for a live drum kit? 

It is often suggested that you add at least one dedicated hi-hat mic and that, if you can, you have two overhead mics. This means five mics total in an ideal environment.

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Is 4 mics enough for drums?

Although some engineers tend to use upwards of eight microphones on a drum kit in the studio, you can achieve a quality sound at home using four strategically placed mics. A mixture of condenser and dynamic microphones is crucial to getting a good, punchy sound from home.Apr 7, 2564 BE

How do you mic a drum kit for a live performance?

How do you mic drum overheads?

Overhead Mic Placement: Front to Back

As you might expect, the balance changes dramatically as you move the mics from front to back. Moving the mics toward the front of the kit will push them closer to the cymbals and the rack tom. Pulling them back will pull them closer to the snare, floor tom, and hi-hat.

How do you attach drum mics?

What is needed to mic a drum set?

Mics needed:
  • snare mic.
  • bass drum mic.
  • tom mics.
  • two overhead.
  • two room mics.

How do you mic a drum set with 4 mics?

Position your mic a couple inches above your snare, angled down. Point the snare towards the center, aimed at the drummer. Since you already have a full picture of sound with your overheads, play around with the snare and kick mics to achieve whatever kind of sound you are going for.Mar 8, 2561 BE

How do you mic a drum kit with one mic?

How do you mic a drum with 3 mics?

One mic directly over the kit, about 40 inches high, and looking directly down at the snare drum. A second mic at the 3 o’clock position to the floor tom (drummer’s perspective), about 1 or 2 feet above the rim of the tom, looking across the kit to the hi-hat, and 40 inches from the snare drum.

What mics did John Bonham use?

According to Jeff Ocheltree (Bonham’s drum tech in 1977 & 1979), the Showco concert-sound company used Shure Professional Series SM57 microphones to mic up everything from the timpani, to the bass drum (one mic at the front side, and another placed near the beater on the back).

What is the best way to record drums?

6 Steps for Recording Drums
  1. Tune your drum kit. Any recording engineer will tell you that the most important element to a great-sounding recording is a great-sounding instrument.
  2. Mic the kick drum.
  3. Mic the snare drum.
  4. Set up overhead microphones.
  5. Mic more individual drums (optional).
  6. Set a preamp and compression sound.
Aug 30, 2564 BE

Can you record drums with 1 mic?

Believe it or not, you can totally get away with recording drums with one microphone! Even though we’re accustomed to close miking each piece of the kit in order to get the biggest, punchiest sound we can, that isn’t always the result.Aug 1, 2564 BE

Can you record drums with a blue yeti?

How do you record drums with one overhead?

When trying the single overhead option, start out with the mic positioned so that it’s about 4 to 6 feet over the kit, and pointing straight down at the snare. This placement will emphasize the balance of the snare in the drum image a bit more.

Where do overhead drum mics go?

Position the mics low above the cymbals to remove emphasis from the rest of the kit. Position them at a higher elevation for a more balanced sound. The farther apart you position the microphones, the wider your stereo image will become.

How do you record overheads in a stereo?

How do you place mono overhead?

Should overheads be mono?

Mono Drums Can Sound More Focused

One final great reason to record with a mono overhead is that in the end, a mono drum recording can sound way more punchy in the mix.May 7, 2555 BE