What year did Dell Latitude E6520 come out?

What year did Dell Latitude E6520 come out? 

Performance. The Dell Latitude E6520 has a 2.7 GHz dual-core Intel Core i7-2620M processor. It is the fastest dual-core Sandy Bridge processor introduced in early 2011.

What generation is Dell E6520? 

Keep up with business wherever you are with the Latitude™ E6520 laptop. Offering the latest generation quad core processing, discrete graphics and a 15″ full HD, touch-enabled display, the Latitude E6520 is ideal for professionals looking for a stable and durable laptop that is light and easy to carry on the go.

What is the maximum memory for Dell Latitude E6520? 

16GB Memory
You can upgrade your Dell Latitude E6520 Laptop to up to a maximum memory capacity of 16GB Memory.

Does Dell Latitude E6520 have HDMI port? 

Guide to ports locations and external features of your Latitude E6520 system.

Chassis Right Features
6. eSATA / USB 2.0 Connector – Used to connect external SATA hard drives or USB devices.
7. HDMI Port – For connecting with high definition graphics devices.