Where is Compaq Presario hard drive?

Where is Compaq Presario hard drive? 

In the desktop, the hard drive will be located toward the top of the unit under the CD-ROM drive. The cables attached to the hard drive are IDE and/or SATA cables.

How do you get a hard drive out of a Compaq Presario? 

Can I upgrade a Compaq Presario? 

The answer is yes, permitting you have a laptop with a socket type processor and the chipset supports other processors.in the same range as your current one.

How do I replace the harddrive in my Compaq laptop? 

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How do you remove the harddrive from a Compaq Presario 1200?

Gently lift the hard drive up a few inches and remove the ribbon cable attached to the hard drive. Remove the 4 Torx T-8 screws that mount the hard drive to its bracket. Remove the hard drive from its bracket. Place the new hard drive into the bracket.