Which is the national waterway number 4?

Which is the national waterway number 4? 

The Kakinada-Puducherry stretch of canals and the Kaluvelly tank, Bhadrachalam-Rajahmundry stretch of river Godavari and Wazirabad – Vijayawada stretch of river Krishna with a total length of 1,078 kms was declared as National Waterway-4 (NW-4) in 2008.

Which is the longest national waterway of India? 

National Waterway 1
National Waterways (NW-1)
Location India
Opened 27 October 1986
Length 1,620 km (1,010 mi)
No. of terminals 18 Floating Terminal 2 Fixed RCC Jetty

Which national waterway is known as the East Coast Canal? 

The East Coast Canal stretch along with Brahmani and Mahanadi delta river system is defined as NW-5.


Name National Waterway-5
Date of declaration Declared on 25th November 2008
Total length 623 km
Stretch Details

How many national waterways are in India? 

There are 111 officially notified Inland National Waterways (NWs) in India identified for the purposes of inland water transport, as per The National Waterways Act, 2016. Out of the 111 NWs, 106 were created in 2016. The NW network covers around 20,275.5 km.

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Which river is deepest in India?

Brahmaputra river
Brahmaputra river is the deepest river in India with depths reaching up to 380 feet. It is one of the largest rivers of the world, has its origin in the Chemayungdung glacier of the Kailash range near the Mansarovar lake.

What are the 5 national waterways in India?

  • National Waterway-1: Ganga-Bhagirathi-Hooghly River System (Haldia – Allahabad)
  • National Waterway 2:Brahmaputra River (Dhubri – Sadiya)
  • National Waterway 3:West Coast Canal (Kottapuram – Kollam), Champakara and Udyogmandal Canals.
  • National Waterway 4.
  • National Waterways in Maharashtra.
  • National Waterways in Goa.
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Which is the National Waterway Number 1?

Ganga – Bhagirathi – Hooghly river system
The Ganga – Bhagirathi – Hooghly river system between Haldia (Sagar) and Allahabad (1620 km) was declared as National Waterway-1 (NW-1) in 1986.

What is the name of second longest waterway of India?

The Godavari
The Godavari is India’s second longest river after the Ganga.

What is the length of National Waterway number 4?

Total length of NW-4 is 1095 km. A network of irrigation cum navigation canal linking Chennai and Ennore Ports in Tamil Nadu with the Kakinada Port,and Machlipatnam Ports in Andhra Pradesh runs through a distance of 618 kms.

What is the length of Buckingham Canal?

It was constructed section by section between 1806 and 1882 along the backwaters of the Coromandel Coast, which extends for a distance of 1,100 km (680 miles) from Cape Comorin northward to the Krishna and Godavari deltas.

Which state is famous for its canal?

List of Canals in India
S. No. Canal Name Area served
1 Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project Tamilnadu, Kerala
2 Indira Gandhi Canal Sultanpur, Punjab, Rajasthan
3 Buckingham Canal Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
4 National Waterway 3 (India) (West Coast Canal) Kerala

Is Godavari an inland river?

In terms of length, catchment area and discharge, the Godavari is the largest in peninsular India, and had been dubbed as the Dakshina Ganga (Ganges of the South).

Godavari River
State Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha
Region West India and South India
Physical characteristics

Which river is called Ganga of south?

The Godavari
The Godavari is Known as Dakshin Ganga. Kaveri River is known as the Ganges of South India.

Where did Krishna river born?

Krishna River. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The river rises in western Maharashtra state in the Western Ghats range near the town of Mahabaleshwar, not far from the coast of the Arabian Sea. It flows east to Wai and then in a generally southeasterly direction past Sangli to the border of Karnataka state.

Where does Krishna river start?

Krishna River / Source

Which dam is on Krishna River?

Town, District, State of confluence Left-Bank Tributary
Nagarjuna Sagar dam
Chityala, Nalgonda Haliya River
Nagarjuna Sagar tail pond dam
Wazirabad, Nalgonda, Telangana Musi River

Is Krishna a male river?

A meme which says ‘a male river (Krishna) is silently flowing through four states whereas a female river (Kaveri) is making a lot of noise between two states’, brings a smile over the whole tension. Let us concentrate on the first part and leave the rest for now!Apr 20, 2018

Is Saraswati a river?

Sarasvati is the name of a river originating in the Aravalli mountain range in Rajasthan, passing through Sidhpur and Patan before submerging in the Rann of Kutch. Saraswati River, a tributary of Alaknanda River, originates near Badrinath.

Why is Saraswati dried up?

The isotopes in the snail shells show that, between 4,300 to 4,100 years from ago, the glacial melt-water disappeared and the seasonality reduced. The researchers said it was not certain why the river dried up, but the most likely explanation was the lack of precipitation.

Which is the oldest river in India?

the Narmada river
The 70-year-old former Chief Minister and his wife Amrita started the “parikrama” (circumambulation ) of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh as a “religious and spiritual” exercise. Singh said the Narmada is the “oldest” river in India and advocated its revival.

How old is Saraswati?

A general belief has been made that Saraswati river was merely 10,000 years old. Research carried out on Ghaggar-Hakra (GH) system which is a further extension of Saraswati river system revealed that the GH system was more than 86,000 years old,” he said.