Which light bulbs work with Hive?

Which light bulbs work with Hive? 

All you need to set up Hive smart lighting is the Hive app, a Hive Hub or Hive Hub 360, and the smart bulbs of your choice. Our app also works with Philips Hue bulbs. You can even make lighting groups containing a mix of Hive and Philips Hue.

Do other bulbs work with Hive? 

All of Hive’s lights are integrated with other Hive devices, enabling you to set up Hive Actions in the app. On top of that, Philips Hue lightbulbs also now integrate with Hive devices.

How do you use Hive bulbs? 

With our Hive Lights, you just screw them in to your light fitting like normal, then use the app on your smartphone to connect to them. This is done on WiFi via a home hub – a little device that’s plugged into your broadband router. When they’re connected, that’s it. You’re done.

How do you control a hive light bulb? 

To set your Hive light bulb’s tone or colour temperature, visit the Hive app’s home screen and tap the light you wish to control. Turn the light on by tapping the bulb icon in the middle of your screen.

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Do Hive bulbs work with Alexa?

Hive works with Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant. Connect your Hive devices to your Echo and you’re all set to control things with your voice. Just say the word. Control your Heating, Lights and Plugs, simply by asking Alexa.

Can Alexa dim smart bulbs?

Yes, you can dim lights with Alexa if your smart plug has a feature for dimming. Dimming lights is a feature that depends on the smart plug, not the voice assistant. Incorporating a smart assistant like Alexa enables the device to automatically dim lights through voice commands.

How do you make Alexa go mad?

For this example lets select Voice and type “get mad” and then hit Next. Then Add action and this time select Alexa Says and then Customized. Within this text field you can type whatever you want. I’ll type “I’ve had it up to here with you Mike.

Can Alexa turn on my TV?

With your Amazon Echo with Alexa, you can turn your TV on, off, change the volume, and switch channels. To do so, you’ll need a specific hub designed to work with entertainment devices.Jan 10, 2017

How do I make my Alexa gradually turn on lights?

How to integrate gradually light control in an Alexa routine:
  1. Open the Alexa smartphone app.
  2. Tap on the icon with three lines to go to the settings menu.
  3. Tap on Routines.
  4. Select the routine you want to edit, then tap Add Action.
  5. For the Control device, pick the smart light you want to brighten or dim.
Oct 30, 2019

How do I know if my lights are dim or Alexa?

To turn the bulb on and off, you can simply say, “Alexa, turn <device name> on,” or “Alexa, turn <device name> off.” You can also dim it: “Alexa, dim <device name> to 50 percent.”

Can Alexa slowly dim lights?

To brighten your lights slowly in the morning without your alarm sounding, or to slowly dim them at night, add the action to a routine. Open the Alexa app . Open More and select Routines.

Can smart bulbs mimic sunrise?

What is a smart bulb for waking up at sunrise? Simply put, a smart bulb can mimic the color and brightness of the sun outside and create what is called an ‘artificial dawn’ right in your bedroom.

How do I wake up with my smart bulb?

Once you know what time you want to wake up and have set your alarm, you can backtrack with your lighting schedule. I set mine to turn on at the dimmest setting (1 percent), and then from there, I set them to progressively brighten at increasing intervals every 5 minutes for 30 minutes or so until my alarm goes off.

Why do lights get brighter?

When people talk about light bulbs suddenly getting brighter, the most typical reason is that the light bulb is about to die. Inside a light bulb, there is a filament, and when this filament starts to thin out, the light bulb is getting closer to the end of its usable life.

Can Google Home turn on lights gradually?

The Gentle Sleep and Wake feature allows you to slowly brighten or dim your smart lights, switches and plugs. Gentle Sleep sets your lights to a warm white colour, then slowly dims them over the next 30 minutes.

Can Google Assistant fade lights?

The Gentle Sleep and Wake feature allows you to slowly brighten or dim your smart lights, switches and plugs. Gentle Sleep sets your lights to a warm white color, then slowly dims them over the next 30 minutes.

How do you wake up gentle?

Just say “Hey Google, turn on Gentle Wake Up,” and then 30 minutes before your next morning alarm, the Assistant will start gradually bringing up the smart lights in the current room. You can (again) also say “OK Google, turn on Gentle Wake Up in the kitchen” to enable the feature in a different room.

Can I use Nest hub as alarm clock?

The sunrise alarm on a Nest Hub display (including the first- and second-gen Nest Hub, as well as the larger Nest Hub Max) slowly brightens the display with a golden glow, and you can set it to wake you with a wide range of alarm tones—some gentle, some invigorating, and some more of the “get-your-tushy-up” variety.Aug 30, 2021

How long does Google Home alarm last?

The alarm from Google Home devices will continue to sound for 10 minutes if it’s not stopped or snoozed.

Can you set Google Home to play music at a certain time?

Open the Google Home app. Go to Settings>Routines. Create a new routine with the + button. Scroll to the “Set a time and day” option to schedule things ahead of time.

How do you get Google Home to wake you up?

And to sync it to your Google Home alarm, just say “Turn on Gentle Wake Up” if you’re in the same room, or “Turn on Gentle Wake Up in [room name]” if you’re elsewhere in the house. You only need to do this once, after which it will be sync’d with your alarm.