Why can’t I turn on Wi-Fi on my tablet?

Why can’t I turn on Wi-Fi on my tablet? 

If the Wi-Fi wont power on at all, then there is a possibility that its due to an actual piece of the phone being disconnected, loose, or malfunctioning. If a flex cable has come undone or the Wi-Fi antenna is not connected properly then the phone is certainly going to have problems connecting to a wireless network.

Why won’t my Samsung tablet not connect to Wi-Fi? 

The first thing you should do is try connecting another Wi-Fi-enabled device to your Wi-Fi router. If it also doesn’t connect, then the issue is likely with your router. However, if the other device connects with your router, that doesn’t immediately mean your Samsung tablet is at fault.

Why won’t my Wi-Fi turn on? 

If your Android phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you should first make sure that your phone isn’t on Airplane Mode, and that Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone. If your Android phone claims it’s connected to Wi-Fi but nothing will load, you can try forgetting the Wi-Fi network and then connecting to it again.

Why is my Samsung Wi-Fi not working? 

Tap General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Settings to confirm. Register your Wi-Fi network again to reconnect. Re-entering the Wi-Fi password: In the Settings app, tap Connections > Wi-Fi. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to join, enter the password.

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How do I fix my Wi-Fi on my Android tablet?

How to Fix When a Tablet Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi
  1. Restart the Android tablet.
  2. Is your tablet out of range of the Wi-Fi network?
  3. Forget the Wi-Fi network.
  4. Restart your modem and Wi-Fi router.
  5. Check the wiring between your router and your modem.
  6. Confirm that the lights on your Wi-Fi router show an active Wi-Fi network.

Why is my Samsung tablet saying no Internet connection?

Restart Router

Power-cycling your router or modem can fix many connectivity problems. Unplug the power to the router and plug it back in after a minute or two. For battery-powered mobile hotspot devices, remove and reinsert the battery, then reconnect your phone to the network.

How do I get my Samsung tablet to connect to the internet?

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network on my Samsung Device
  1. 1 Swipe down to access your Quick Settings and tap on. to turn on your Wi-Fi settings.
  2. 2 Tap on the word Wi-Fi to view available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. 3 Select your Wi-Fi network.
  4. 4 Enter the Password then tap Connect.