Why does my external hard drive keep freezing my computer?

Why does my external hard drive keep freezing my computer? 

Virus infection is another catalyst that causes your external hard drive to keep freezing, most commonly Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, etc. Simply removing bad sectors will not work in this situation. So, try to remove a virus from the hard drive or other storage devices that have a similar issue.

What to do if File Explorer keeps freezing? 

If your Windows File Explorer crashes or freezes frequently, you need to carry out the following actions that may help you fix the problem:
  1. Disable the Preview Pane.
  2. Disable Thumbnails.
  3. Disable UAC temporarily.
  4. Disable DEP and see.
  5. Launch the folder windows in a separate process.
  6. Check installed Add-ons.

Why does Explorer EXE keep freezing? 

If your Windows Explorer keeps crashing there is a chance that your PC is infected with malware. An infected PC is not safe to use and can be the reason behind the instability issues. After this Windows will reboot and begin the scan for malware on your PC.

Can hard drive cause freezing? 

Your computer freezing is often one of the earliest signs that your hard drive is beginning to fail, but may also be a symptom of virus activity or problems with other hardware components such as your RAM and video cards.